Razer Mamba Professional Grade Chroma 16,000 DPI Sensor Ergonomic Gaming Mouse (Wireless) Review

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For those who have time and money, can make Razer Mamba a killing machine. Because of its price, we suggest Mamba to serious gamers who also want wireless mouse.

Priced at $118, indeed, it’s a pricier gaming mouse & you must be expecting Some real amazing benefits. Does Razer Mamba holds features that can justify its high price tag?

Let’s find it for you. This mouse comes in a very beautiful box that be place in an antique showcase. Razer Mamba is really attractive and sexy looking with its smooth, sleek however still a sort of mean angry look. You can really say that Mamba is just like a pissed off Megan Fox. Let’s dive into its features;

Mouse Grip:

Razer Mamba is ideal for palm & good for claw grip gamers and ok for those who like to hold mouse in fingertip grip. Microsoft Side WinderX8 or Logitech G9x or similar options are better for claw grip though. Mamba’s grip is like Razer DeathAdder, however material and layout is better comfortable and respectively. It was really a wiser decision to make surface non-slip and it is much more comfortable as compared to previous version for longer clicking sessions. Buttons have slight grooves in middle to allow your finger rest comfortably. About grip our overall experience is very positive. Although the mouse is a bit larger with 6’5”, still the mouse is very handy. Its weight isn’t adjustable, however it is good. It is little on heavy side because of its battery, however that is easier to adjust.

Mouse Buttons:

Luckily, button placement has been tweaked. As soon as you get used to it, you will find that they are placed well. Altogether there are 7 button,

  • 2 main L/R buttons
  • 2 Thumb Buttons
  • 2 DPI setting Buttons
  • 1 Scroll wheel middle click.

Main buttons of this mouse are very sensitive, like Razer Style, and do not take lots of pressure while clicking. Thumb buttons are just above where thumbs should be resting comfortably. Interestingly, Razer moved its DPI adjustment buttons away from standard location beneath scroll wheel. As soon as you become used to it, it makes lots of sense. It is more comfortable and faster to change sensitivity of Razer Mamba as compared to other mice.

Wireless and Wired:

Surprisingly, this is a mouse that can either wireless or wired. However it really works similarly, meaning that there isn’t any lag difference between wired and wireless mode. “Featuring 2.4 GHz wireless gaming technology, Razer Mamba can communicate with large number of 2.4 GHz channels by avoiding those with lots of interference.” This means Mamba can avoid Jerk when having high interference or perhaps it is talking about the channels with interference.

Anyhow, we found no problem sending movements wirelessly, and wired mode was also very good. Although some testimonials report interference issues, however the number was less. May be having 2 Razer Mambas in same room would be bad. We aren’t confirmed whether plugging mouse in is power-only connection such as the X8 or whether data transmission is wired, however as Razer has not announced it publicly, it is assumed that it is power only. Lithium ion battery provides enough life for users who like to go wireless. Battery is assumed to last for 72 hours of the regular use or for 14 hours of serious gaming. However, if you forget to charge it, you can simply plug and play.


With 5600 DPI, Razer Mamba is the most sensitive mouse out there. It is funny, that Logitech released 5700 DPI feature in its new G9x and G500. Coincidence? We think not. Putting this in perspective, you can scroll over usual 22” monitor 3.33 times by moving mouse 1 inch. Therefore are you really in need of 5600 DPI? No, unless you play digital movie with some type of crazy resolution.

Last but not the least, Razer product with DPI indicator! At last you have indication of where you are on speed spectrum. Unluckily, DPI indicator also serve as battery indicator.

Durability, Bugs, and Setup Time:

Razer Mamba is too new to say that it will last for long or not, however it is new enough that they are yet ironing out the bugs. We have observed several reports of pointers that are skipping around. Pointer gets jitters while it is just sitting around in few cases or sometimes only when you left click. One of the major causes was metal ring around sensor at the bottom of mouse.

Luckily, Razer identified this problem a bit early, and so there is a particular fix for it. Unluckily this means a bunch of work at user’s side. Primarily, you will need to contact Razer and ask them to send Teflon ring replacement. After this you need to do a surgery yourself. Although it isn’t too hard, we do not like that a $100 plus price for a product which need consumers taking pieces off and gluing new pieces on only to make it working. You will also need to update firmware and drives in order to eliminate skipping. NB: Install Razer driver before attempting to flash your firmware. To know how to flash, check your manual.

After installing Teflon ring, updating firmware and drivers, Go Kill some pixels! Mamba seems to work well after making such changes, we feel that hardware drivers and firmware updates are the steps Razer should have done before sending mice out. Razer has stepped up their customer support over the years, therefore hopefully you would not have any problems getting things right. If you have very low understanding of technical things, this mouse is not for you.

Macros and Software

Its software is simple and easy to use. It allows you to customize almost everything including Polling rate (no. of times mouse respond to changes in movement per second b/w 1000 and 250. We could not tell difference to be 1000 and 500 and just a few of us could feel this difference between 1000 and 250. Putting this in perspective, that is a difference between 1ms and 4ms. If your ping is just like ours, you have got about 75ms delay and we don’t see 76 or even 78 ms making big difference for gamers. If you are worried about your computer being overloaded, you can turn it down.

You can also map all buttons to whatever command you like them to do. Change increments by which DPI is set or change 5 different DPI sensitivity levels. Instead we select some higher DPI settings, however this was too jerky and fast for all others. There are profiles included in Mamba, therefore you did not need to compromise. Anyone can set buttons and sensitivity profile right according to their own preferences.

The only problem with such profile is that they takes 6 seconds time to change, during that time mouse become a brick, and turns off to switch from one profile to other. This isn’t cool, when you need to change settings during gameplay, no doubt you are either hiding somewhere safe or awaiting respawn. Macro functionalities were workable, however not one of the best we used. You can create up to 500 characters length. Razer Mamba’s delay functionality is better as compared to past, and you can easily edit them after completion. Yet another improvement in Razer’s Mouse.



  • Ergonomic right-handed palm grip design
  • Sensitive main buttons
  • 5600 DPI laser
  • Well-designed & well-placed buttons
  • On-the-fly DPI switching with indicator
  • Wireless and wired version
  • Profile switching options on on-board memory
  • Macro recording as well as playback from on-board memory
  • Sexy look and Feel


  • Time needed to get it working
  • Price

Bottom Line:

All in all Mamba is great mouse, we are happy to have found Razer products that we like. In terms of quality, we think Razer needs few improvement like out of package performance. Recently, Microsoft and Logitech have left Razer in dust, and it seems like company has found its footing and now is back in this race.

While performance of this mouse is overall very good, we did not feel like 5600 DPI laser was a real edge to performance in any meaningful sense. Extreme price of this mouse forces us to keep it in lower value rating, particularly it does not blow low cost options away. If you have got money and time for it, simply go to this link Razor Mamba find more about it.

Razer Mamba Professional Grade Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse (Wireless)

A Gaming Mouse for serial-gamers who are looking for performance & comfort at the same time!



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Total 8 Votes

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    Johnny January 29, 2018 at 10:37 am

    Need to come back Razer Mamba wireless after testing for couple of month, it’s amazing mouse and has amazing grip. I wonder this might be one of the greatest gaming mouse ever, having used it for quite a while.

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