Razer Naga Chroma Review (MMO Gaming Mouse)

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As it can be said by looking at this mouse, it is designed for MMO as well one-armed data entry operators. Thumb button on one side make it ideal to map several macros and commands to in WoW as well as other games in similar genre. As compared to SteelSeries WoW mice, and few other poor quality MMO mice, Naga does not have a high bar to clear. It may create embarrassment during competition. That is why how handily Razer Naga defeats other so called MMOG (rpg) mice.

Buttons and Grip

My initial feeling of the Naga was mixed, but overall positive. Prior to purchasing the mouse, I heard several buyers complaining that the buttons were easy to mis-click. I suspect that such gamers simply lack practice or precision. My hands are freakishly over-sized, yet I had no problems hitting the right buttons once I learned where they were. The grip on the Naga was comfortable, and I had no problem with my “claw” grip on the mouse. The weight was good, and a little towards the light side. Unfortunately, the combination of a claw grip and my large hands force me to shift the mouse slightly to press some of the keypad buttons. This isn’t (usually) a very big deal in MMOs, as accuracy is less important than timing, strategy, and awareness. I can see the thumb buttons working even for me, but it’s going to take a little more effort for someone with large hands. Even if you get very good with the mouse, I would suggest that you avoid binding functions to the Naga that could get you, or the people you play with, killed. In other words, keep the primary actions on the keyboard and the secondary on the mouse.

Initially my feeling for this mouse was mixed, however all in all positive. Before buying it, I heard many users complaining about buttons were mis-click and I suspect that this is because of user’s lack of precision or practice. My hands are freakishly bigger, still I had no problems hitting right buttons as soon as I learned where they are. Grip on this mouse was comfortable and I found no problem with claw grip. Its weight was also ideal, in fact a bit towards lighter side. Unfortunately, combination of my large hand and claw grip push me to shift this mouse slightly in order to press some keypad buttons, which is not generally a big deal for MMO gamers because accuracy is less important as compared to strategy, timing and awareness. I found thumb buttons working for me, however it is going to take a little more effort.

Software and Features

The software on the Naga isn’t bad. It comes with some add-ons for MMOs like WoW, and the software isn’t bad. I actually didn’t like the add-on in WoW because it was trying to do to much, and it was also interfering with some of the other interface and keybind add-ons I am using. I’m hardcore and add-on crazy like that, but the casual user won’t have any conflicts.

UPDATE: The conflicts between my addons has been resolved. I still don’t use the addon, but it works just fine if I want to. It does make key-binding very easy.

There is no weight cartridge, and the hardware-side macro features are nothing to get excited about. Then again, such features rarely are exciting for most users.

Bugs and Durability

Unfortunately, there are a number of bugs in the Naga. The new drivers will help, but there are still reports of the mouse dying randomly during play for no noticeable reason. For most users, the mouse restarts itself. For some users, you may have to pull it out and plug it back in. This problem is rare, but common (and presently unsolved) enough to warrant mentioning. Razer is aware of the problem, and says they will release a fix soon. Durability appears to be standard. It will probably last you for many years unless you’re exceptionally hard on your gear. There are mice that will stand up to that heavy abuse, but this isn’t one of those.



  • Very accurate, high precision and smooth tracking
  • Cool looks with lit buttons  and great for gaming without lights
  • Tons of buttons for binding keys, macros and other functions
  • Comes with MMOG-specific add-ons
  • Decent grip and comfort
  • Unlimited customizable profiles


  • Controls in FPS gaming are not good
  • A very small minority of gamers have experienced random disconnections

Final Thoughts

Overall the Naga is a good mouse, but it’s not a very good mouse for shooters or strategy games. The buttons aren’t very useful outside of MMOs, and trying to use them could cause a catastrophic death in FPS games. We recommend it for MMO players. It is interesting that gaming mice are becoming (or at least trying to become) more specialized for gaming genres. For FPS (first-person shooter) gamers, we might recommend our Logitech G9x review, and RTS (real time strategy) gamers might want to read the Razer Spectre review. Unless otherwise noted, most gaming mice work well across genres as general gaming mice.

Maybe you really like having a lot of buttons on your mouse — maybe you only have one hand available at a time. You know, because you’re eating food with one hand and playing (MMOs) with the other. Because that’s what you were thinking, right?

Razer Naga Chroma Review (MMO Gaming Mouse)

The Razer Naga mouse is perfect for MMOGs. One handed keypad on this mouse allow you to double up on key binds and macros. For general use and FPS gamers, however this mouse is probably not suitable.

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