About WhatGamingMouse (WGM)

Gaming reviewers and editors at WhatGamingMouse proudly consider themselves as members of passionate gaming arena. We are a team of experts in graphics, CPUs, storage, software, games and gaming consoles, gaming mouse, gaming keyboards, gaming computers and anything that comes under FPS, MOBA world.

We offer thought provoking opinions and reviews through insights of our in house editors and relations with renowned experts in this industry.

Our Mission
WhatGamingMouse is exhaustive, reliable resource for experts and early adopters who are crazy about PC gaming. We craft comprehensive gaming peripheral reviews, how to guides and technical analysis. Our aim is to host world’s largest community of gaming enthusiasts, who give their own insights on gaming technology and reply the questions that arise in your mind whenever you are after any gaming accessory.

How We Test
We also design tests that reflect real world conditions. We use the best testing methods. We subject all gaming peripherals we review to rigorous range of quantifiable tests based on our own benchmarks, industry standards, reliable online sources, and news. After collecting those results we put them in a context to compare them with other products in same category. We keep repeating our testing and take extra care to isolate variables.

With constant dialogue with our readers and gamers in face to face communication and with detailed research has allowed us to have close eye on their needs and address them accordingly.

If you want to get in touch, simply email us at whatgamingmouse (( @ )) gmail.com

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