All You Need to Know About Gaming Mouses for PCs

You don’t need a gaming mouse to play PC games, but if you want the full gaming experience, then you should treat yourself to one. Using a gaming mouse will not turn you into a pro, but you will have a competitive advantage. A gaming mouse also makes some games more comfortable and convenient to play. Today, we look at what to consider when buying gaming mouse for PC, but if you want to buy a gaming mouse, you can check out this top 5 gaming mouse:

1.    The type of mouse to buy

Companies often advertise a mouse as the best for a specific niche, but the truth is, whichever mouse feels comfortable is the best gaming mouse you will buy. An MMO mouse can make a great companion for an FPS player and vice versa. Spend some time playing with a mouse to determine if they are the best fit for you. A mouse may look like it was not designed for you, but it may end up being your gaming companion.

  • What are the available types of mouse?

All-purpose mouse- They are the most common type of mouse. They come in all shapes and sizes and are roughly good at controlling everything from an FPS action game to an adventurous MMO game. If you like playing a variety of games, and you need something that can handle them all, the all-purpose mouse is your best bet.

FPS mouse- This mouse is best for action games such as call of duty all any other game that puts you in against enemy gunners, especially in the first perspective. What makes this mouse unique is the availability of a ‘sniper button’ just beneath the thumb that makes difficult shots easy.

MMO mouse- Fans of adventurous games such as Star Wars will enjoy using this mouse.  The mouse has buttons on the sides perfect for firing complex skills, rotations, and absolute precision. Some of the makes in this design allow you to assign alternate button maps to make them accessible at the flick of a finger.

Customizable mouse- These mice are the ultimate powerhouse in the gaming world. They are flashy and expensive, but they are worth every dollar you spend. If you have a competitive scene to conquer than this is definitely the mouse you need.

2.    Mouse illumination for easy profile identification

Full RGB light options on gaming mouse are the order of the day. Color options do not make you a better player, but they help you keep your various game profiles straight and make it easy to sync with your gaming area.

3.    Mouse weight for easy navigation

Weight has a significant impact on how you play your favorite game. A gaming mouse will weigh what it will weigh. You have no option but to adjust. However, look for a mouse that is neither too light nor too heavy for optimum playing experience.


Buying a gaming mouse is a bit of a process especially with so many great options to consider. There is no best mouse for any category because there are no hard categories. What matters most is your playing skill and the need you want the mouse to meet.

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