Ark Survival Evolved – 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy It

Planning on buying Ark: Survival Evolved? Wait! This article contains the 10 things you need to know before you buy it. It takes just a few minutes of your time but you will really be happy that you read it.

The Value For Money

According to the average gamer who buys Ark: Survival Evolved on their PC through Steam plays the game for an average of 91.3 hours (source). When you consider that the price of the game on Steam is currently $60 (now that it has left the Steam Early Access Program) that’s an average of a dollar and a half per hour of fun. If you compare this to going to the cinema or any other form of entertainment that you have to pay for this is on the lower end of the scale.

The Versatility of the Game

The secret to the popularity of survival games has to come down to the versatility of them. They appeal to such a large base of gamers as they can morph into what each different person really wants to play. Depending on the mood of the person playing the game can cater to their wants and needs.


The developers behind the game (Studio Wildcard) have been busy behind the scenes creating new and exciting downloadable expansion packs for the game since its release. These include:

ARK: Aberration

Head underground in the Ark world and explore vast cave systems littered with new dangers and dinosaurs. New craftable tools and weapons have been added to the game with dark scenery features not seen before in this game.

ARK: Scorched Earth

Turn up the temperature in-game as you head out to the near inhospitable desert world you are tasked with surviving on. New dinosaurs and elements are added to the game and for the bargain price of $20 you can extend the game you already love.

ARK: Extinction

The end game content according to the guys who made Ark, Extinction takes you back to planet Earth. The major difference to how we know Earth is how its been torn up and is no riddled with dinosaurs once again. With more dinosaurs and content this title is a great expansion to your Steam library if you are a fan of the game.

The Price of Server Hosting

The public servers for any multiplayer game can end up a breeding ground of cheaters, spammer and general fun spoilers. A lot of Ark: Survival Evolved players have decided to invest in their own game servers to have more control over how they play and who with. You can pick up an Ark server for as little as $13 per month for you and 9 other friends to play on.

The Modding

The modding scene within Ark is huge, a lot of good mods exist for both the game and servers. You can find awesome plugins that extend the game in ways such as to help new players joining a world all the way to improving the aesthetics with more plant life.

The Community

The community is spread across a load of websites such as SteamCommunity, and Reddit. Most of the time when you are searching for a solution to an in game problem you will find the answer on one of these huge forums.

The Dinosaur Element

Who hasn’t always wanted to ride a dinosaur into battle??

The Fact it’s Now Released

Ark: Survival Evolved became a fully released game in late 2017 after being on Steam’s Early Access program for over a year. Most people dislike Early Access games as a lot of them never get fully released and end up being a fund raising exercise for the developers next project.

The Online Experiences

Just browse through the reviews on the Steam Shop page for Ark and you will see a lot players preach about the experiences they have had in this game. It seems it’s a perfect petri dish to grow communities and ideas with some players describing large scale tribe wars and economies forming.

The Console & Mobile Versions

Most people nowadays don’t even own a computer thanks to tablets and increasing tech levels in phones. If you fit into this bracket (or you prefer playing games on a console and TV) then the good news is that Ark is available across multiple devices.

The console versions of the game contain pretty much everything the PC game does, unlike Minecraft that stripped bare most of what made the game good on consoles. You do however need to find a different server provider as the technology is different for some reason (an area where Minecraft actually has an upper hand).

The mobile version is free to play with some adverts coming up as a way for the guys who made it to make money. The controls are described as being better than expected with graphics being surprisingly good too. The big drawback to this method of playing the game is that you can’t play on the same servers as the desktop and console players. So you can’t continue your fine creation after you have left your bedroom on your phone unfortunately.

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