BenQ ZOWIE EC1-B Gaming Mouse Review

BenQ Zowie recently announced latest editions to its gaming fan mouse series product line i.e. EC1-B & EC2-B. The new EC models, uses 3360 optical sensor. It features improved side buttons and new mice feet. BenQ has also included something that prevent random scrolling step activation. Plus the scrolling wheels has no more light. These aren’t all the changes that you expected from this upcoming BenQ Zowie mouse, however it is a good start atleast.

Zowie EC1 B will expected to replace Zowie EC-A series because it is almost same but features the new 3360 optical sensor, which is currently the most reputable gaming sensor among gamers. BenQ Zowie EC1-B also features Huano switches, which is an ultimate answer for most if not all PC Gamers who are looking for best performance in an ergonomic rodent. Although the mouse design and shape is pretty much similar with its EC series ancestors, the only difference is the little bit improved mouse switches & side-buttons used for better and softer clicking experience.


Technical Specifications

  • Sensor: Optical
  • DPI Levels: 400 – 3200
  • Max. acceleration: N/A
  • Max. speed: N/A
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Programmable Buttons: 0

Other Features:

  • Multi grip design – Palm & Claw<
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Adjustable Polling rate (USB rate)
  • No software needed for DPI change

Mouse Design And Grip

EC1-B size is large enough and best for bigger hands. Its hand size guide shows that it has palm size of 17 centimeters to 21 centimeters or 6.69 inches to 8.26 inches. Claw size is 17 centimeter to 22 centimeters or 6.69 inches to 8.26 inches and when it is about fingertip size it is 18.5 centimeters to 22 centimeters or 7.28 inches to 8.65 inches.

Just like its EC-A series ancestors they lack in rubber mouse grip and are only suitable for right handed users. The new mice are best recommended for Claw & Palm grip users.

Mouse Sensor, DPI and Sensitivity

BenQ has finally introduce this new Zowie EC1–B with Pixart 3360 optical sensor, which is current, is the best in the market. It includes 4 DPI sensitivity levels from 400 to 800 to 1600 to 3200. This DPI sensitivity is pretty fine for an average gaming mouse. The good thing is DPI levels can be changes without any software which means you can bring your mouse anywhere and use it without any software. The bad thing is you are stuck with 4 levels. You can’t program it to other than the pre-defined levels.

Mouse Buttons, Switches & Weight

It includes 5 buttons and switches used are Huano Switches. BenQ Zowie mice series usually use Huano switches that are known for being stiffer as compared to Omron switches used in most gaming mice. Mouse weight is lighter and both the version have a weight of 95 grams and 98 grams respectively. This is quite an appropriate weight for all gamers. Although it isn’t confirmed that it will include the cartridges or not but by the looks of it, there would be no adjustable weight option.

Mouse Report Rate or Polling Rate

It has a polling rate of 125 Hz/ 500 Hz and 1000 Hz. Polling rate means that how often mouse position to screen. With 125 Hz polling it reports 125 times per 1 second or per 8 milliseconds. With 500 Hz of polling rate means mouse reports 500 times every 2 milliseconds. Higher polling decreases lagging that occurs between you move mouse and when it shows up on computer screen. In contrast higher polling rate uses more of the CPU resources more often.

Mouse cable is long enough with 2 meter or 6.6 feets.

Final Thoughts

Except making the names more confusing with their each mouse release, the recently announced EC1-B or EC2-B are almost same in design as their previous models EC1-A & EC2-A. The only subtle difference is mice feet and black colored scrolling wheel with the *allegedly* improved side buttons. Beside these even the coating is same. The only “major” thing, which was honestly due long ago, was adding 3360 sensor. The previous models were using 3310 sensors, which are quite good too. So essentially the recently released mice are just rehashed versions of the old stuff with new sensors, which in our opinion, Zowie should have done from the beginning. Both mice are priced around $70. So in the end, if Zowie wants to attract gamers by using 3360 sensors, we are afraid that there are quite a few options in the market with same sensor but better specs than EC1-B or EC2-B.


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