Best Ergonomic Mouse – Find a Perfect Ergonomic Mouse For Gaming & Power Users (2018 Edition)

Although advance users (gamers, casual or power users) are aware of risks of strain injuries and productivity benefits of mouse that are easier to use and comfortable, they don’t realize the importance of using ergonomic mouse.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or repetitive strain injuries cost over $100 billion of US economy each year. The alarming thing bout CTS is most of us don’t really notice anything until the pain starts to get worse. Unfortunately, regular usage of mouse for longer periods of time can also become a cause of CTS. To avoid this, you must give your wrist some rest during work or gaming. Another option is to get an ergonomic mouse. Most companies now focuses on ergonomic design when creating a mouse & especially gaming mice. Lets have a quick review of types of ergonomic mice.

Ergonomic Mice Types

Productivity Mouse
These are designed for business or power users for maximum comfort in long term use. They lack dozen buttons and fancy features, but allow work for hours without wrists or fingers getting tires.

Gaming Mouse
They feature rich and high customization to program buttons for different functions that are useful for fast responses and when tasks are repetitive, like taking screenshots, adjust volumes without digging deeper in machine settings.

Medical Mouse
These are specialist and usually expensive mice developed to face specific conditions like carpal tunnel syndromes and repetitive strain injuries.

The following list gives you a countdown of best ergonomic mice and their short reviews.


3M Wired Ergonomic Optical Vertical Gaming Mouse – Best for Premium Users and Injury Sufferers

It’s more a medical mouse that looks like joystick and best for multiplayer gaming. It’s ideally best for those who suffer pain while using computer, however also useful for normal users to avoid future pain. It’s recommended by Arthritis Foundation a mouse designed to function as regular mouse while offering support to wrist, finger and hands. Simply grip it by handle and rest hand on base. But it isn’t suitable for business use, because of high cost. It is functional for versatile series of use, thanks to its optical sensor, plug and play and 2 meter long cable. You can click left and right with your thumbs only and rest of hand rest rather than pressing your wrist against desk. However be warned it’s only for right-handed users. It comes in 2 difference sizes, small for 2.75 to 3.5 inches palms, and large for 3.5 to 4 inch palms. It’s designed to specifically push users to use larger muscles, putting lesser strain on them. It works with Mac and Windows.


  • Best for Injury sufferers
  • Commendation from Arthritis Foundation
  • 1 month money back guarantee and 2 years warrantee


  • Super heavy
  • Super expensive
  • Only for right-handed users
  • Very older model



TeckNEt Pro M003 – A 2.4g Wireless Gaming Mouse Best for Mobility under Budget

Although it’s relatively cheap, it features a decent punch of money.

This plug and play device comes with USB nano port that you can store in the back of mouse when you are on the move. Like other device from TeckNet, it also offer great customizations, like 5 different DPIs adjustmetns. It has built-in Tru-Wave technology to give full control despite the surface of use. To save battery life, it has auto-sleep mode and low battery indicator. It works in 15 m range. Its ergonomic design, soft rubber grip and contoured shape keeps you scrolling and clicking all day without any discomfort. For cheap price, it’s solid for all types of use, although particularly popular as Best ergonomic gaming mice.

It is compatible with all Windows, Linux and Mac machines as well as Chromebooks, laptops, Notebooks to offer more comfort than touchpads. It can also work with some tablets and smartphones through OTG cables.


  • Cheapest option
  • Very Portable
  • Highly Customizable
  • Longer battery life


  • Less ergonomic than others
  • Few problems with Battery
  • Buttons may start to stick



Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS – Best Gaming Mouse For Users Obsessed With Mouse Aesthetics

Although it’s relatively cheap, it features a decent punch of money.

Low price, but decent pick for wired mouse that suit gamers and casual users. Adjustable DPI settings, 5 programmable buttons and 5 different profiles that can be stored in memory means you have productivity setup for work and settings stored for your 4 favorites games. The best part is that it comes with 8 piece weight tuning cartridges each 2.4 grams. You can also select LED colors options. A 6 feet long cable is designed for durability and strength. An anti-skid scroll wheel, gives you huge productivity boost while long time tasks of browsing web and wading lengthy documents.

It is primarily designed as Windows mouse, however it can work with most machines with USB port, yet keep in mind, if you are a Mac user, better find something that officially supports Apple Machines.


  • It looks really great
  • Durable cable for heavy duty use
  • Impressive customization


  • Reported problems with Windows 10
  • Occasionally malfunctions or skips around screen



Anker 2.4 G – A Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse Designed For Office Use Yet All Around Use

Brand statement “Intersection of Class, functionality and comfort for 21st century”.

It uses scientific ergonomic design for maintain healthy arm and wrist positions for less strain and risk of RSI. It allow customization of specific features like sensitivity settings, although its wireless range is not very good. With choice of 800, 1200, 1600 DPI if offers advantages of precise tracking, regardless of surface of use. Its previous/Next buttons help you for easy web navigations during web surfing. Combine it with comfortable thumb grips and rest, it’s one of the most super multipurpose mice. It lacks set of AAA batteries but include 18 month warranty. Thanks to automatic power saving mode that put if off after 8 minutes of idle.

It’s compatible with all Windows, Lunux but have some issues of thumb button recognition with Mac OS X, while Mac OS X EI Captain is completely unsupported by it


  • Revolutionary scientific design
  • Best all-purpose mouse
  • Ideal productivity features


  • Need some time to get used to
  • Compatibility problems, especially with Mac machines.



Microsoft Sculpt L6V-00001 – Best Ergonomic Mouse For Home & Office Users 

The only entry in ergonomic mouse category by Microsoft. Its innovative design features thumb scoop for natural postures from wrists and hands. Preventing power users from injuries.

Being Microsoft product, it closely integrate with Windows, even a dedicated buttons for opening start menu. It has some issues with older OS, but it work well with recent versions of Mac OS X as well as Android 3.2 & 4.2.

Unlike Anker and TechNet mice, it includes 2 AA batteries that last for a year. Microsoft this device to show off the BlueTrack technology that combines laser and optical technology for better tracking on virtually all surfaces. It promote more natural postures for maximized comfort and easy navigation. Another notable point is that it is for right handers, but for lefties Microsoft also offer ambidextrous version of Sculpt mouse. This mouse is the heaviest mouse, with 1 pound of weight which may be the problem if your posture is off.


  • Offer Super comfort if you have a right posture
  • Built-in Windows button for more efficient navigation
  • Great tracking


  • Heavier as compared to most competitor mouse
  • Expensive
  • Unusual design not suitable for every user
  • Specifically for Windows
  • Only for righties



J-Tech Wireless Digital Scroll Endurance Mouse – Cheap But Effective For Pain Relief

As name suggest, it’s specifically for heavy duty use. It’s a new type specifically designed to reduce pain in wrist and hand. It include removable palm rest to help more comfort.

It is an improved version of 3M mouse, particularly both uses thumb buttons for better navigation and browsing. Its buttons helps for both page forwards and backward through web sites, and they boasts up to 3 million clicks life span. Its functionality includes adjustable DPI for good command on response time. It has high resolution optical sensor which 99 percent accurate. Its scientific design prevent your forearms from twisting as well as causing pains. It is small and lightweight, so no hassle of using it at home, at work and take it with you.

It is a best versatile ergonomic mouse for almost every user, and it works with all devices except Mac machines which doesn’t support back and forward buttons. However that is very small compromise to get an ability to browse and play game with extreme comfort. It also include 2 AAA batteries that most of its competitors aren’t offering for free.


  • Compatible with almost all machines
  • It is easy to transport
  • Low price but high quality
  • Very durable


  • No left-handed model
  • Less operational on Mac
  • Not ideal for gamers



Razer DeathAdder Essential – A Professional Grade Ergonomic Mouse for Serious Gaming

Only for serious gamers who can spend money on ergonomic gaming mouse. It has built-in 6300 DPI 4 G optical gaming sensor designed to move it as slowly or as quickly as you need for perfect precision. You can easily switch its setting for moving from Fast Speed FPS game to graphic designing or calculated item-finders. It’s a best blend of comfort and aesthetics.

It fit comfortably with both palm or claw grip users, and its 2 main buttons sit on fulcrum which is designed to bounce buttons back up to fingers to recognize the successful click.

2 thumb buttons are customizable and its black finish is ideal to stop sweat buildup to offer cleaner and better grip. Unusual in ergonomic mice category, this one even work perfectly on transparent surfaces like glass.

However don’t confused this mouse for suitable for people suffering with RSI, however if you use it as preventative tool it is good enough.


  • Best gaming mouse
  • perfect precision
  • Many programmable buttons


  • Pricy
  • Not a good medical mouse for RSI



Logitech Trackball Wireless M570 – Multipurpose Ergonomic Mouse

It combine supportive shape and trackball to move cursor without moving arms, dramatically reducing amount of strain on wrist and arm. For RSI sufferers or those who need preventative measures, it’s best. You can use it anywhere without dropping performance. Its trackball allow you to use it on any surface.

The best part about Logitech is that it uses unifying receiver, so you can hook up all types of wireless peripherals with single receiver, especially when you have shortage of USB ports. It’s compatible with Mac and Windows, and its chunkier design makes it reasonably portable. Some takes some time to get used to trackball, however not too long as you get yourself hitting through forward and back buttons to flick by webpages and document with no hassle. Different buttons can also be customized for boosting efficiency.

About comfort, it isn’t packed with much, particularly at this price. About design it uses popular Trackman Wheel to make it an extension of user’s body. Sometimes it feel like a machine from sci-fi movie.


  • Move it without moving arms
  • Works on all surfaces
  • Highly compatibility
  • Uses unifying receiver


  • Only for right handed users
  • Takes some time to get used to



Logitech MX Master – Best Wireless Mouse Designed For Hopping Between Different Devices

This mouse doesn’t won the No. 1 on this list, because of being wireless and it suffer problem of occasional cut out that makes a huge issue especially during games.

Yet, its functionality is fantastic, from its Bluetooth technology and unifying receiver to its unique thumb wheel which allows advanced gestures. You easily hook it to 3 different machines simultaneously and hop between them with just a click. This makes it super useful for work or tech-oriented households. It works on almost all surfaces including glossy surfaces and glass, however we suggest to use it on plain wooden surface for best performance.

The only downside, is its poor battery life of 40 days on single charge, however you aren’t spending lots of money on buying them. Simply plug it and recharge and continue to work while it is charging. It is called Master for a reason that it provide ultimate experience for a power users and for someone who is master of his craft and need to get more stuff done, more efficiently. This mouse is categorized as productivity mouse, but it’s also good gaming mouse, in fact an all-purpose mouse.

In spite, it isn’t cheap, and virtually unaffordable for a home user, but for business purposes it is good.


  • Can hop between 3 different machines simultaneously
  • You don’t need to buy batteries
  • Best productivity mouse


  • Sometimes its wireless connectivity cuts out
  • Pricey
  • Poor battery life



TeckNet Professional Optical Ergonomic Mouse – An All Rounder Plus a Gaming Mouse

The number 1 mouse in our list is TeckNet Professional Ergonomic Mouse that is sheer awesomeness in single mouse with great customization and comfort that works well with everything.

It has 8 adjustable settings from 1000 to 7000 DPI. No other mouse comes with same accuracy and you find one it will not be offering same comfort. With ultra-sleek design it gives great grip to gamers, while simultaneously reduces damages to hands and wrists. It include 8 customizable buttons. It look badass no matter you use it for gaming or to move and plug it into your work laptop.

It is a heavy duty mouse that you will never face any damage if you are carrying it with you. Its weight is to enhance both accuracy and comfort, and when you compare its price with its specs and rating, you wonder that someone made mistake in pricing department of TeckNet. The only downside is that it isn’t for workplace, until you have cool job with cool employer. Else, you will be limited in your home office. All in all, TeckNet mouse has great functionality and lots of comfort at surprisingly lowest price.


  • Looks and feels great
  • Surprisingly low price
  • Best DPI adjustment settings
  • 8 completely Customizable buttons


  • Not suitable for work
  • Not suitable for medical conditions


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