Best Gaming Mouse Sensors

Laser, Optical, Tripe Photon Emitter, or anything else, understanding gaming mice sensor technology is very difficult and hence more difficult to decide what to choose. Here we have listed some usual foreign concepts in very easy language, to allow you to turn your focus on tailoring your gaming experience fitting your desire.

Types of Mouse Sensors

Optical LED Sensors

Optical sensor offer constant stream to tracking to detect motion relative to surface image. There are precise benefits to all this, because there isn’t any calibration done when you lift up the mouse, keeping consistent feel to movement in the gaming. But, optical sensors are more reliant on the surface because of the LED is used for tracking. We can also say that using an optical LED on your leg or couch possibly isn’t going to offer best tracking Check different mouse related tools at Tecagile for checking the mouse performance.

Laser Sensors

Designed for accuracy, laser gaming sensors can track and precisely report mouse movements on specifically all types of surfaces. Laser sensors allow higher DPI settings that translates into more precise tracking. Basically professional gamers are able to take advantages from such extreme sensitivities, in that usual times they often need to move little to aim the enemy from afar.

Single and Dual Lens

Mouse sensors usually comes with single lens in order to view laser or LED therefore mouse can track movements. Few mice have come out with 2 lenses, that conceptually are more accurate to track movements because of the depth perception, however they can lead to erratic movements when something were to obstruct any lens.

Dual lens allow independent control on X and Y axis for complete control during gaming. For instance you can decrease or increase Y axis sensitivity in order to compensate for recoil and maintain your usual horizontal movement.

Sensor MouseDPI/CPIGripConnectivityProgrammable ButtonsMacros 
Pixart PMW3310
(Avago ADNS-3310)
Corsair M455000
Customer Reviews
SteelSeries Rival 3006500MultiWired5YesCustomer Reviews
Zowie FK23200MultiWiredNoCustomer Reviews
Zowie ZA133200MultiWiredNoCustomer Reviews
Zowie FK13200MultiWiredNoCustomer Reviews
Pixart PMW3366
Logitech G403Customer Reviews
Logitech G502 Proteus12000PalmWired11YesCustomer Reviews
Logitech G900Customer Reviews
Pixart PMW3389 OpticalRazer DeathAdder Elite
Razer Lancehead TE
Avago ADNS-S3988
Avago ADNS-3090
Pixart PMW 3360Corsair M65 Pro12000PalmWired8YesCustomer Reviews
BenQ Zowie EC1-B3200MultiWired0NoCustomer Reviews
SteelSeries Sensei 31012000MultiWired8YesCustomer Reviews

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