5 Best Mechanical Keyboards

If you are looking for gaming mechanical keyboards under a budget, then you are at the right place as here I share with you a list of keyboards that are on a budget and will give you the best features for gaming experience.

1 – RoccatRyos MK

It comes with gold plated Cherry MX graphics that will surely amaze you, and you can also call it as the gamers’ collectoredition, as this keyboard is packed with so many different features. It also has an oversized volume controller that will let you control the volume very easily, as you don’t want any trouble in that department.

2 – TteSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB

I would suggest that you get this one for yourself, or gift it to someone you know who loves playing games, as he/she will always remember you with the choice that you have given. There are many illumination options in this keyboard you can choose to play one color at a time or spectrum of different colors with this keyboard. Many people have rated it as the best keyboard they have ever bought, which puts more pressure to why you must get this laptop right now.

3 – Logitech G910 Orion

This keyboard is the top choice for those people who are considering themselves are the hard gamers, as no doubt it is more than perfect. You are also able to get some features custom made with this keyboard, as this is very easy to mold the function of keyboard according to your basic needs. It has more than 113 key rollovers, which will surely amaze you.

4 – Steel Series Apex M500

The motto with which this keyboard comes is ‘’play like a pro’’, so in the making of this keyboard there is nothing left behind. This company cares for its customers the most, which is why they offer different options especially for those people who are into the fun of playing the games.

5 – RazerBlackWidow

This keyboard is programmable which it means that with your own choice you can add some custom features in this one. It will all over surely give you the best gaming experience of your life. It has streamlined design and with that it is also a little bit expensive as compared to the other mechanical gaming keyboards out there. Your finger will never be uneasy with this one as the keys are rightly positioned on this keyboard, you will love that you have bought this keyboard for yourself.

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