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Mad Catz Glober Limited, formerly known as Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. is a US based firm which provides interactive entertainment accessories marketed by GameShark (gaming peripherals and products), MadCatz as well as TRITTON (audio products). The company developed flight simulation software through its internal ThunderHawk Studios, developed chess hardware and flight simulation under its Saitekbrand, published games under its Mad Catz Brand and supplied video games and games products for third party partners. Mad Catz was incorporated in Canada and it is headquartered in California and San Diego. The company also hold its offices in Europe, Asia and North America.

Founded in 1989, Mad Catz focused on computer accessories like memory cards, control pads, headphones, connection cables and other human interface devices for the PC and many other video gaming consoles. Mad Catz also published original software titles like MC Groovz Dance Craze, Real World Golf 1 and Pump it Up.

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. was incorporated under Canada Business Corporations Act in 1993. It was acquired by Toronto-based GTR Group, Inc. in 2000 for a purchase cost of US$33.3 million, along with Games Trader that collected and sold previously played and republished games) and ZabYou.com that focused on e-commerce solutions).

In the year 2000, Mad Catz released MC2 Racing Wheel for Sony PlayStation that was awarded the Golden Award by Mario Andretti Racing wheel that GameSpy judged as best peripheral of the 2000 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). It produced 12 licensed controllers for Sega Dreamcast’s launch and also released Internet-related devices like Keyboard adaptor and Panther DC.

In 2001, GTR Group capitalize on Mad Catz brand’s strength and changed it to Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., shutting its ZapYou.com and GamesTrader business units. Same year they launched Nintendo’s GameCube, Microsoft’s Xbox and Game Boy Advance. Mad Catz offered devices for all these launches like Lynx Control Pad, BeatPad (dancepad) controller for Play Station 2, Control Pad Pro for Game Cube, Memory card for Xbox and Game Boy FlipLight.

In 2003, it acquired GameShark that was popular in gaming world for offering secret codes, hints, cheats, short cuts and the like things enabling gamers to take full advantages.  

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