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Microsoft Corporations is Multinational Tech company in US with its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops, supports, licenses, manufactures and sells consumer electronics, computer software, PCs, and other services. Microsoft’s popular software products includes MS Windows operating systems, MS Office suite, Internet Explorer and Edge Web Browsers. Microsoft’s flagship hardware peripherals are Microsoft Surface Tablet series and Xbox gaming consoles. In 2016 it was world’s largest software provider in terms of revenue and most valuable company in world. Word “Microsoft” is portmanteau of microcomputers and software.

Founded by popular Bill Gates and Paul Allen on 4th April 1975, to produce and trade BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800. It appears to dominate PC operating system world with MS DOS in mid-1980s, and followed by MS Windows. Its 1986 IPO, and following rise in share price, formed 3 billionaires as well as an estimated 12,000 millionaires among its employees. Since 1990s, Microsoft increasingly diversified from OS market and make many corporate acquisitions including LinkedIn, Skype. It also develops a range of enterprise and consumer software for servers and desktop PCs, including Bing, MSN, Hololens, Azure (Cloud Computing) and Visual Studio for Software development.

Steve Ballmer become CEO in 2000 and later envisioned strategies and bought Danger Inc. in year 2008 and launched Microsoft Surface line of Table PCs, and then formed Microsoft Mobile by acquiring Nokia’s devices and services divisions. In Jan, 2015 it released their first Interactive Whiteboard, Microsoft Surface Hub.

Microsoft SideWinder X5 Gaming Mouse Review

Microsoft SideWinder X5 Gaming Mouse Review

SideWinder X5 felt bit light at first i.e. very light. Although no one is so much choosy about weight, however this mouse is very light for its size that you would lift it a bit ...

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