I’m sure you’ve heard of the amazing experiences your parents had when playing outside. You’ve also probably also wondered about this playing video games on the screen.

Well, I’m somebody who has experienced both things in my childhood. And I can tell you that both video games and outdoor playing have their pros, bringing different, but necessary skill developments to the table.

This article is going to explain to you the benefits of each, so you can understand how children these days seem to have equal amounts of fun by understanding why exactly each one is a unique experience.

Computer Games

Computer games are an interesting and fun-filled activity. They are a popular choice of entertainment, favored by parents and kids, for several reasons.

Safer Option

Computer games are less rowdy and ensure safety. Since kids play at home, in front of a screen, they are less likely to get hurt, get lost or get into accidents. This makes it a worry-free way of letting your child spend a fun time.

Greater Coordination Skills

All the activities and actions going on in the computer screen during a video game actually stimulate the child’s mind.  The child’s visual, hearing and physical senses all need to be active at the same time during a game. has reviews of best gaming tables you can use for indoor games.

gaming mouse

Games can also involve a lot of observation. Also, you might have to do several things at once such as move the control buttons while looking at the screen. So, video games actually improve multitasking skills and hand-eye coordination.

Solving Problems More Easily

Video games can be quite complex with specific instructions and rules. So for before every action, you have to think carefully. Risks and ‘in the moment’ decisions need to be taken continuously as well, and this trains kids for the future.

Memory Power

Sometimes game instructions and rules are given only at the beginning and kids have to remember those throughout the game. This greatly enhances their memory. Also, there are many computer games that are specifically aimed at improving kids’ recalling powers.

Learning Process

Some computer games can actually make learning an easier process for children. Games may teach drawing and coloring, or even let children look for things or make comparisons.

Computer games, therefore, have the potential to greatly enhance children’s mathematical skills, language skills, spelling and even teach them to type and control a mouse in the shortest amount of time.

The whole process of completing activities to get to the next level can also teach children about setting and meeting goals and being patient.

Experts at Management and Planning

Computer games often require great concentration through carrying out an activity. They may also involve the need to do such activities through whatever resources are available, which is a valuable lesson for kids.  They are taught to manage what they have and plan before taking any course of action.

Stress Relief

Computer games keep children busy and give the player a sense of control. Thus it is considered to be a great way of stress relief.

Playing Outdoors

Outdoor playing activities include sports such as football, skipping, bike riding, tag and monkey bars. For kids these days, options such as skateboards and hoverboards are also becoming increasingly popular as they are considered to be very cool.

However, outdoor playing doesn’t only include the use of objects and stuffed animals toys. It can also involve the use of the child’s imagination. The benefits of playing outside are uncountable. Here are just some of the reasons why outdoor playing would be a good part of your child’s lifestyle:

Happier Children

Being connected to nature contributes greatly to children’s happiness. According to Wells and Evans (2003), children who are more in contact with nature tend to be less stressed.

This is because nature actually slows down our pace, lowering our blood pressure (Wells, 2000). Also, the beauty of nature does wonders for our minds and souls. Therefore, children playing outdoors experience great benefit for their mental health.

Enhanced Intelligence

Playing outdoors creates a sense of curiosity and adventure in kids. It increases their imaginative powers and therefore allows faster brain development.

Children who play outside also tend to be able to focus more on activities than children playing indoors. In fact, a study conducted by the Journal of American Public Health on children with ADHD found that a more natural background involving greenery actually lowered ADHD symptoms and encouraged kids to think more independently.

Sound Sleeping

The sedentary routine and constant use of technology greatly impact children’s sleep. However, outdoor playing can be a pretty solution for kids who can’t sleep well. In fact, a study by ActaPaediatrica (2016) found that kids who played longer outdoors were less likely to stay up at night.

When kids are exposed to the sun, their sleep patterns are better regulated. Also, outdoor activities that involve physical games make children tired, allowing them to rest better throughout the night.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for growth. Although kids get it from food, it’s still not enough.  Vitamin D plays a significant role in making bones stronger and preventing heart diseases.

And there is no other better source for them than this, other than the sun itself. So, playing outside gives your child a free access to Vitamin D.

Better Vision

Did you know that playing outdoors could also do wonders for your child’s eyesight? A study by Optometry and Vision Science revealed that if kids spend more time outside, their farsighted vision could greatly improve as well.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, both computer games and outdoor games have their benefits. At the end of the day, parents want their children to have the best childhood and develop properly.

Although no harm actually comes from experiencing too much of the outdoors, it is also increasingly important to keep up with the times. So, it would be best if you could let your child experience both options, but in a balanced way.

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