Cougar Surpassion Gaming Mouse – A Driverless FPS Legend With Onboard LCD

To get best from gaming mouse, some peripherals needs gamers to spend time before every sessions adjusting parameters in gaming software running on gaming rig. To allow gamers to tweak major setting on mouse itself, Cougar has installed small LCD display on its new Surpassion Gaming mouse to allow gamers to engage themselves in tweaking without any driver or software. The company is confident that this will be one of most interesting options, especially for First Person Shooter fans in year 2018.

Cougar loved to offer gaming mouse which did not need any software installation in order to setup or fine tune your gaming experience. Therefore they replaced software with LCD screen built at bottom of mouse. On either side of mouse there are dedicated buttons to allow key adjustments like, Lift-Off Distance, DPI adjustments, Polling Rate as well as Angle Snapping.

Gamers seeking to take control from get go and switching it up during game will required to flip Cougar’s Surpassion gaming mouse over and hit dedicated programmable buttons for key parameter tweaking that are displayed on 2 line LCD display below company’s branding.

With refined shape, a precise optical sensor, state-of-the-art on board LCD display screen to adjust major parameters and higher quality components, Cougar’s Surpassion Gaming mouse is a brilliant choice for FPS, MOBA and other online gamers. This mouse did not skimp on cable, either by offering 1.8 m long and gold plated USB connector.


Technical Specifications

  • Sensor: Optical (PixArt PMW3330)
  • DPI Levels: 50 to 7200
  • Max. acceleration: 30G
  • Max. speed: up to 150 inches/sec
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Grip: Multi

Other Features:

  • Built for FPS Gaming
  • OMRON® Switches
  • Adjustable Lift-Off-Distance (LOD)
  • Onboard LCD for settings

Mouse Design and Appearance

FPS-Focused Ergonomic Design That Even Work Well With MOBA Gaming
Overall design of Cougar’s Surpassion gaming mouse has been developed for optimum FPS gaming however its 150 IPS maximum tracking speed, 96 g weight, 30 G maximum acceleration and fine tuning options allow it to work fairly well with MOBA games or almost all other games as well.

Mouse Grips and Comfort

Adaptable palm grip that simply perform well for claw grip users. Independent pressing areas on 2 main buttons reduce force needed to activate them, thus allowing you to react faster with minimum of accidental presses. The sides of mouse covered in an anti-slip rubber flanks for better grip, with split trigger buttons and finger grooves to give faster movements as well as better ergonomic comfort.

Unique Mouse Button Design and Buttons Quality

With comfortable grooves and split trigger design 2 main buttons of the mouse, Surpassion features a more accurate, comfortable and fast clicking experience, which is ideal for FPS games, where you are often needed to press main mouse buttons over and over againg in short intervals of time.

Quick Fine – Tuning

The real professional gamers need mice that perform right according to their need. And for this they have to install software and spend time before they start with actual gaming sessions. Cougar’s Surpassion gaming mouse is equipped with convenient and lighter LCD screen and dedicated button to allow you to adjust DPI, Lift-Off distance, Polling Rage, and Angle snapping and other key parameters that you want to adjust to maximize your mid game performance.

Mouse DPI Adjustments

This allows gamers to switch sensor resolution or DPI from 50-7200 DPI in increments of 50 or they can select 1 of 6 presets mode including (400, 800, 160, 3200, 5600 as well as 7200 DPI) to get rapid fire changes or to the task at hand. Moreover custom adjustments can be remembered by Surpassion because it is then stored in onboard memory to recall later any time directly from mouse itself.


Gamers can also adjust lift-off distance from low to high, to define height where sensor stop tracking once mouse is off the mouse pad or surface. By this they can disable or enable angle snapping that allow to smooth out jerky straight line motions while engaged yet can do so at cost of precise in-game aiming. This is also helpful to re-center your mouse on larger mouse mats without movement being tracked. To avoid unnecessary tracking you can set Lift off Distance to low and users who lift mouse slightly while aiming can set it to high in order to keep their mouse following their movements accordingly.

Mouse Polling Rate

Also can tune down the polling rate to 3 other levels including 125 Hz, 250 Hz, and 500 Hz modes, when needed, by default it is set at 1,000 Hertz. The best part is you can do this all directly from mouse.

Omron Switches That Gives You Up To 50 Million Of Headshots

Mouse buttons are meant to last with Omron switches to give up to 50 million clicks life span or 50 millions of headshots attempt. As compared to its counterpart, that claims for high quality and then only offers you 20 to 30 million clicks lifespan, Cougar’s Surpassion gaming mouse is going to be one of your favorite gaming weapon for long, long time.

Mouse Sensor – Superbly Precise

In First Person Shooter games, aiming precisely is the key to survival. You need your gaming mouse to reliably and accurately register your movements to correctly reflect how good you’re at gaming and aiming. Cougar’s Supassion gaming mouse includes one of the most popular Pixart PMW3330 optical sensor that company reckons should guarantee precise tracking meant for the gaming purposes. So no more missed headshots because your mouse could not keep up with your movements, Surpassion by Cougar is here to help you dominate online shooting arena! Windows cabled mouse is capable of 150 inches/second tracking speed as well as 30G acceleration at max.

Multicolor Backlight with 13 Different Modes

Create best gaming atmosphere, just by clicking button. Cougar Surpassion allows its users to pick one of 13 different backlight modes. 2 zone multicolor backlit features is included through dedicated button, and to dial in 11 single color options or 2 multicolor light shows.

On/Off Angle Snapping Settings

Angle Snapping makes daily computing tasks like web browsing, word processing, graphic designing, etc. a bit easier, however it messes with aiming in First Person Shooter games. Cougar’s Surpassion Gaming Mouse allows you to enable or disable angle snapping easily according to your specific needs and wants.


  • Optical sensor
  • Built for FPS
  • Anti-slip Rubber flanks
  • Adjustable LOD
  • Onboard memory
  • Omron gaming grade switches
  • Adjustable polling rate & Angle Snapping


  • Only for right hand users
  • No programmable buttons
  • Wired
  • No carrying case

Final Thoughts

Cougar has been in headlines for quite some time now when it comes to gaming peripherals and their latest mouse Cougar Surpassion is a good addition to their existing mice range. Surpassion is specially built for FPS gamers as well as the players on the go. Of course its not a tournament grade mouse for some people, however the fact that you can adjust almost everything that matters right from the mouse LCD (yes you read it right) is a huge plus for some gamers. The mouse is lightweight and idea for Palm & Claw grip users. A good mouse in the price.

Cougars Surpassion Gaming Mouse

Cougar surpassion is a specialized FPS gaming mouse with Adjustable DPI/CPI, Lift of Distance (LOD), Angle Snapping and Polling Rate that can be set right from mouse LCD and without any need of software. All that coupled with the Pixart 330 sensor. Its almost sounds too good to be true but here we are.

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