Difference between A Normal Mouse and Gaming Mouse

Every computer gamer have a mouse, however only gaming enthusiast owns best gaming mouse that can allow him or her to hipfire in shooting game such as WarFrame, Overwatch Boosting or Dirty Bomb. Also the MOBA gamers who need clicking more than 100 times in a minute, such as games like Heavy Metals, Heroes of Storm and League of Legends. The popular gaming mouse such as Logitech G502 or Razer Deathadder, won’t just fit your palms as a perfect gadget.

How a Gaming Mice is Different than the Normal Mice?

A gaming mouse will have lower latency as compared to a regular office mouse. It come with a better software to customize the tweaking, it supports high DPI (also known as CPI or counts/inch) settings. A perfect gaming mouse in contrast to a normal mouse also use sensors which keep up with faster movements. If you are a gamer who play more intense games (not like the solitaire or pinball), you must be holding an appropriate gaming mouse, however the question is which gaming mouse is best?

Although every gamer have his or her personal preferences, not all the mice are created equal. There are many worst gaming mice available in the market. Some has sensors that are not up to snuff, some have terrible driver software and then some of them have cheap build quality. After using dozens of gaming mice and researching the reviews, consumer report and technical specification of gaming mice we are able to pick out the best that you can buy for different grip sizes, hand sizes and other gaming preferences.

Targeting, aiming, attacking, slashing, some important actions in PC game happen with click of mouse. A gaming mouse must offer smooth and responsive tracking, reliable connectivity and other basic scrolling and click functions. However it takes more than these basic functionalities to make a perfect gaming mouse.

When it is about gaming mice, most if not all gamers are spoiled for choice. Be it plying a first person shooters or FPS games or playing massive multiplayer on line or MMO games or real-time-strategy or RTS games or any other game, there is a mouse that perfectly suits your needs and wants. If you want to hold a mouse that can allow you to play anything, Logitech G502 Proteus is as good as it gets. It has well-spaced buttons, perfect software and comfortable design, Logitech Proteus Spectrum is the most useful all-rounder out there.

Then there are other mice that focus on particular genres, like MMO or FPS, or they cater gamers who have a wireless living rooms setups. The gamers who do not need to wrangle with the complicated software, for instance, may like to check out Turtle Beach Grip 300. On the other hand gamers who are looking to break into competitive tournament scenario should go with SteelSeries Rival 500. Know all about what to look for in best gaming mouse and make a well informed decision while buying a perfect gaming mouse.

Sensor quality is starting point toward accuracy and precision. A regular mouse usually include an optical or LED sensors that gives fairly good tracking sensitivity, however they performs better when lifted a little from tracking surface. In contrast, laser sensors are bit more fussy in the heat of battle, however offer better tracking. It is also possible to have best of both the worlds by having a mouse that features both high precision tracking of laser and less delicate tracking of optical sensor.

Best gaming mice provides customization and comfort, to meet the needs and wants of your preferred games, be it staving of advancing horde or firefight. Mice aimed at the first-person shooting feature ratcheting scroll-wheels to allow you cycle by your arsenal without picking wrong weapon and on-the-fly dpi adjustment to allow switching between fast low-dpi tracking in frantic firefight along with more tightly controlled higher dpi for lining up sniper’s shot.

Mouse designed for MMO and real-time strategy are usually outfitted with a range of 6 to 12 programmable macro button. Set under the tip of your thumb, these buttons can be used as number key or programmed for executing longer macro controls.

All such mice are designed with slight customization in mind, even if it is just to tweak the tracking speed. Every gaming gear provider develop its own customization software that usually includes advanced macro programming. Additionally to record macro commands, their dashboards also allow swapping preset profiles and several also offer preset for non-gaming purposes, allowing you leverage programmable mouse in programs such as Photoshop and Excel.

For extreme comfort, most gaming mice are physically customizable. Removable weight are very common, allowing you to tweak total weight by any means. Few models take to advance level and allow you to shift center of balance, adjust the pitch and height of palm rest.

Finding which gaming mouse is best, comes down to know what style of game you prefer, finding what advantage you can take from more complex functions and after this tweaking your mouse to your particular tastes.

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