Dragon Quest Builders 2

Adventure, character tests and epic fun await you in the newly released westernized version of Dragon Quest Builders 2. Square Enix, the kings of Dragon Quest and Kings Heart, has never made a better RPG than the enthralling video game.

Crisp graphics, elevated visuals, and utopian sceneries mark every corner of the role-playing action-based masterpiece. And provide a captivating experience bound to glue players throughout. 

You might discount Dragon Quest as a normal builder game, but it holds more than meets the eye. Above the many spells-binding building challenges, players must thrive against unending attacks from the Hargon’s children, source treasures, farm to survive and strategize for successful completion of projects.

Some players might find the unending puzzles irking, but their tasking nature adds to the hysteria of the game. First, tracing the puzzles is a challenge designed to test players’ mapping skills when searching for the Isle of Awakening Islands. And a plethora of medals to collect in the hidden islands make the expeditions vital for the completion of upcoming levels.

While the adventures seem enticing, they enshrine all your moves in danger. Step into the jungles or the seas, and you’ll encounter grotesque monsters yearning for your treasured collections.

What is the Storyline?

In Dragon Quest, the Island of Awakening is in turmoil, as the Children of the Evil Hargon want to wipe any artistry work. Builders, craftsmen, cooks, and craftsmen of any kind are at risk of being eliminated from the Island. 

Only you can save your friends and the skilled men of Awakening from the wrath of the Dragon Quest. You’ll meet Maltroth, who’ll accompany you in your building adventure. The more you build the more your skills increase.

Expect no smooth adventure as peril riddles every quest. Your unique story can end in many ways, but your main goal is to defeat the Children of the Demon Hargon. Dark secrets and mystery brim the fields of the Island, but enchanting locals will enlighten your dark moments.

Game Play 

In Dragon Quest, you design your character before taking on the block building role-playing game. You can play offline. Or offline where you team up with your pals to design more classy buildings and strategize to counter the Hargon’s Children. Apart from buildings, you’ll design your weaponry and help the locals with farming and revival of their ravaged towns.

Every activity involves technique from hunting to building to farming, you’ll require tact and knowledge of the art. You must stay alert to spot out monsters yearning to demolish any structure you build.

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