E-3lue Cobra EMS109BK High Precision Gaming Mouse Review

This is a review about E 3lue Cobra gaming mouse. It is super cheap however does it means it is just a hunk of junk? Read this review till end to know if it is worth buying or you should look for something more expensive? last but not the least, would it useful for regular everyday use or it is just a gaming mouse.

Not just comfortable, Cobra E-3lue EMS 109BK goes further to offer unquestioned ergonomic balance and control. Gaming world welcome this mouse for each and everything they offer and continue to explore.

With four different DPI level this mouse breaks $20 price barrier. Intelligent design features every primary button in ideal location for best performance. All things are intuitive and combination of special extended design of clicking surface and micro switch allow you to get job done quickly than ever before.

For multi-purpose use, such as animation, graphic design and audio production, standard internet surfing, Backward and Forward keys are completely useful. Cobra E-3lue created new surface coating material that resists ultra violet damages better than mouse which isn’t equipped. Specialized USB is an extra feature brought by the team of engineers behind E-3lue Cobra gaming mouse, enable users for secure connectivity which leads to uninterrupted data transmission.

Mouse Features


When it is about acceleration, its optical sensor in Cobra achieves maximum of 16 G appreciation to AVAGO 5050 high chipset for gaming. This mouse offers best Ultra High Sensitivity, resulting precision tracking.


To go extra steps it offers best performance and accuracy with built-in counter weights. Physical built of this mouse is best for gamers who wants ultimate control

UV Protection For Durability

It features scaly skin Ultra Violet protection as well as a toughest and most agile performance. There aren’t any comparable mouse out there with keen balance between features, aesthetic appeal and price.

Design, Feel and Ergonomics

The mouse is pretty nice in looks, really shocking for a gadget that comes at such a lower price. You would not expect such a great build quality from mice that are cheap. Its blue LED light is a nice touch and are not very bright.

Its frame is very ling and about same width of a typical mouse that fits well in both smaller hand (for gals) and larger hands of guys. On both sides of the mouse there are indents that keep steady hold while you use. It has a soft nice grip on its top surface. It has a nice soft grip on top surface to make it more comfortable even during longer usage.

Mouse Buttons

It has 6 mouse buttons that are enough for gaming beginners or anyone who only needs a replacement mouse better than stock unit.
• 2 right/left click button
• 1 scroll button,
• 1 DPI adjustment button
• 2 side programing buttons

Its left/right clicking buttons are responsive and easy to use, scrolling wheel is smooth. 2 side programming buttons can helps in all gaming purposes or just used for navigating on world wide web through back and forward buttons.


It has 1600 DPI. In honesty 1600 DPI is considered as a lower side when it is about gaming mice, however for gaming beginners and for general use it is more than enough. Never follow the hype that highest DPI mice are best for gaming purposes, however 1600 is not very low.

If you are fine at FPS or First Person Shooter games you can grow out as soon as your twitchy sense gets improved however for most if not all games this mice isn’t adequate. In contrary higher DPI also have some problems, because not in real world most if not all the people have enough control to control higher DPI.



  • Fits well on both small or big hands and you feel no cramp or pain even after longer use.
  • It has right size and right curve. Its texture is soft velvety matte therefore it will not stick on hot days.
  • Its buttons are firm and responsive left/right click. Scroll wheel is also not slippery on finger.
  • Easy setup, just plug and play.
  • Has 2 extra thumb buttons. You can download driver to program them.
  • Well built & do not break on dropping.


  • Instructions on the manual are only in Japanese language
  • You cannot use the extra buttons because of instructions
  • Light cannot be turn off
  • Some reviews criticized that it gets defective before an year

E-3lue Cobra EMS109BK High Precision Gaming Mouse

One of the cheapest gaming mouse yet highly effective & durable. Eblue Cobra high precision gaming mouse features optical sensor, 2 programmable buttons and DPI upto 2400. It's rated as one of the best wireless gaming mice by PCGamer. Basically it's a steal!

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