E-Blue Mazer II Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

In my research for low budget wireless gaming mouse, I found E-Blue Mazer II which appears to be modeled to imitate Razer mice, however at fraction of price. Its lower price was slightly worrisome, however optical mice include simple components that already cost low. So there isn’t any reason to apply the old rule of thumb “low price, low quality” in case of optical mouse.

Mouse reviews and specifications led me to trust it would fit all of my needs. It’s wireless, has high DPI of 2500 and most reviews said that single AA batteries set would last for several month and even entire year.

First impressions

It comes in impressive packaging including a solid, reusable plastic case that allow you to store other components. Package include mouse, wireless USB dongle and AA batteries.


E Blue Mazer II wireless gaming mouse is designed using Air Wing theme. It has an ergonomic design exactly for right handed game players. It has white finish or matte black. The bottom is made up of glossy plastic. Its scrolling wheel has rubberized texture.

Rubberized foot pads as well as the entire mouse feel extremely comfortable in my hands. You will find no braided wire or gold USB connector because Mazer II is entirely wireless mouse.



It has 4 different DPI settings that are adjustable through DPI buttons on mouse. You can adjust from 500, 1200, 1800 to 2500 DPI. Mouse just has 1 LED light that is blue and unfortunately you cannot set several different colors for different DPI settings, which makes it difficult to have track of what DPI setting you are using during game.

Mouse Size

Most reviews complained for its large size. However that fine for users with large hands. Yet this mouse is a quarter inch shorter as compared to average mouse.


Mouse Buttons

It includes 6 buttons that you need to set up during game play. This is because there isn’t any software and dedicated DPI button. Back/Forward buttons are conveniently placed on side and they are easy to access during game play. Following are the buttons

  • 5 Programmable Buttons (you have to use software like X-Mouse)
  • 1 DPI Adjustment Button

Wireless Range

With 2.4 GHz wireless transmission mouse offer stable wireless connectivity without any operational discrepancies. With interference resistance it is able to receive signals form 30 ft. radius of Nano-receive. So it allows you to plunge into gaming world without any limitations and take your gaming experience to next level.

Range of wireless dongle is not best. On having dongle direct to my desktop PC, with CPU on the floor, it worked fine, however than I picked it up to move it, and observed mouse pointer would jump to upper left of screen. Relocating dongle completely solved this issue. This was just because my desk is made of thick, heavy MDF and this usually create issues with my several Bluetooth devices.

Remember to unwrap skates

Mouse just worked fine, after 2 weeks of use I found something noteworthy. A thin layer of plastic protective on mouse Teflon feet. Plastic was enough smooth that mouse could slide as nicely as all other mouse. When Teflon skates make contact with desk, mouse sliding gets further improve, therefore do not forget to unwrap off those protective films.


  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Nice placement of buttons
  • 125-250 hours game play battery backup
  • Reliable and Excellent tracking


  • Max DPI is very low (250-2500)
  • Lack of bells and whistles

One month of daily use

After playing a couple dozens of hours of Team Fortress II, I found it working admirably. It was comfortable, buttons need soft touch to activate, weight was quite good. I am still using generic batteries include in the package, and they are still going good. I tested with my multi-meter and they are still giving 1.5 plus volts. Mouse stays entirely awake during use, however it shuts off itself if you do not touch it for around 5 minutes. However you just need to hit a button to turn it on again. Initially it was disturbing, however by time I realize it is to improve the batteries life.

I can definitely suggest this mouse, especially for low budget buyer. Even you can buy an extra to keep it in your laptop bag as they aren’t very expensive.

E-Blue Mazer II Wireless Gaming Mouse

With adjustable DPI upto 2500 and 5 programmable buttons, E-Blue Mazer II Wireless Gaming Mouse is a perfect choice for gamers looking for a budget gaming mouse. It is inexpensive and gives you the basic gaming experience in the cost of regular mouse.

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