Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse

Our list of best gaming mouse depends on the factors preferred by most of gamers in the world. Although some or all of them not suit you, we have detailed all the possible factors below. Perhaps this list help you to make smart decision for a smart gaming mouse.

There are Different Mice for Different Gaming Purposes

You can find various different big mice brands that come up with new game releases, products and concept every day. Razer, Logitech, CM Storm, Mad Catz are few mice brands to name. Mice from these types of brands makes a list of best mice for gaming 2017. While your choice may face bittersweet issue of plenty. It is fine to check a wide range to buy from, however it’s a bit trickier also. Most if not all the gamers need to be aware about their preferences in the games before they choose a gaming mouse. Actually, games are characterized 4 different genres:

  1. RTS or Real Time Strategy
  2. MMO or Massively Multiplayer Online
  3. FPS or First Person Shooter
  4. RPG or Role Playing Games

Most if not all the gamers like 1 or 2 of these 3 genres. Some gamers might love to play all of them and play each and all games that appears in the market. Gaming mouse such as Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum performs well for virtually all the games. In contrast Logitech G502 perform very well for MMOs. For example you will never get much out of Leagues of Legends or other similar games, when you do not have this type of mouse.

3 Types of Different Mouse Grips

Aggressive grips stance result in attacking the repertoire and every PC gamer feel more relaxed at a grip type as compared to other. When you chose your mouse that you must get something which fits your mouse grip. Basically there are 3 types of mouse grip stances that are usually preferred by PC gamers.

  1. Palm Grip
  2. Claw Grip
  3. Finger Grip

Palm Grip where your hand completely rests on mouse. For those who want to feel their palms rested, Palm grip is probably the best.
Claw Grip is similar to palm grips with few changes. Index and middle fingers are arched backward in order to make perpendicular angle for easier clicking.

Fingertip Grip is a grip in which just 2 fingers and a thumb touches mouse and the entire hand remains in air.

Different Concepts of Mice You must Know


Gaming mouse must be smart enough to cater every need of a gamer. Modern mouse are able to avoid registered erratic hand movements. Mouse correcting is not usually helpful as precision is highly compromised while you play a game.


Mouse sensitivity is usually measured in Characters per Inch a.k.a. (CPI) or Dots per Inch a.k.a. (DPI). DPI must be between few hundreds to few thousands. Higher DPI means faster you mouse will move on your screen. Sensitivity of a gaming mouse must has wide range.


There are 2 types of sensors in a mice, laser sensors and optical sensors. Laser sensor, performs better on the reflective surfaces and return excellent DPI. On the other hand an optical sensor performs best for roughest surfaces.


Acceleration of a mouse is defined as the ratio of speed of pointer to speed of hand motion. It is measured in g or gravitational force which is equal to 9.8 meter/second. Lower-sensitivity games need to term with the acceleration usually as since they need more hand motions.

Polling rate

It means the response and transfer rate between computer and mouse. It is measured in hertz (Hz) and essentially ranges between 250 and 1000Hz. As mouse is a peripheral, sent data is actually processed first afterwards any action is completed on your computer screen.

Programmable buttons

Programmable buttons make a gaming mouse or keyboard more exciting. A Gaming mouse usually have buttons that can easily be turned to hotkeys or short keys to execute actions in a game much quicker such as, sniper buttons available on First Person Shooting game specific mice.


Within programmable buttons there is a set of profile settings where you can specify many different activities for buttons and change characters for all games. With same mouse, it is possible to easily switch between games and genres.

Lift-off Distance

It is defined as how high you can lift up the mouse from surface before the move or movements becomes unresponsive. A mouse software is useful to adjust the lift-off distances. Lift-off Distance has an important roles in competitive gaming.


Although not all gamers bother much about the weight of mouse, it really matters. It determines level of comfort and feel while you play a game. Nowadays, adjustable mouse weights are trending concepts in gaming world. Fine-tuned it can help you to make and increase predictions easier
There is no doubt that purchasing gaming mice is now a necessity for most if not all the gamers, whether to just complete your gaming computer, or to have one for the sake of it, you need a gaming mouse.

But, buying a gaming mouse does not necessarily mean that you will immediately become a champion or expert of a game. Most of professional gamers win all the competitions without using any gaming mouse. Although shocking, but remember never to depend on the gadget if you want to become a champion everywhere. However this doesn’t means that gaming mouse are just gimmicks. High DPI, customizable macros, programmable buttons, and other features are the proof that gaming mouse are really a necessity for every average to expert gamer. That is the reason why gaming world is saturated with different brands of gaming mice.

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