Gaming Headphones Not Working – Ultimate Way To Fix Them

If your gaming headphones are not working on windows 10, we will tell you some ways to fixthem. No doubt, a headset is crucial for playing games, listening to music, communicating, and much more.

Best of all, the headphones block the external noises so you can concentrate in a better way. Even with the best gaming headphones without mic, you cannot provide a fuller experience if they are not working properly.

Below are some things you should know for the right setup of the gaming headphones. Let’s delve!

Gaming Headphones Not Working On Windows 10

Checking Sound

After connecting the headphones on windows ten, you have to ensure that all the sound configuration settings are correct. You have to check the windows 10 settings for input and output devices.

1. On the sound icon, you have to left click over it.

2. Now choose the sound device option from the menu.

3. Select the headset which you have connected with the PC.

The headphones could be coming in brackets or with the onboard music of the motherboard. You have to rely on the connection type which you are using. Also, you can rename it for your ease. Moreover, you have to test the sound from the headphones. Check that the headphones are working or not. In fact, you can check the audio by the following steps:

1. Click on the icon of sound from the taskbar.

2.  Now open the sound settings.

3. Choose the sound control panel.

4. Select your headphones.

5. The headphones should have a green tick after selection.

6. Click on properties.

7. Choose the option of the advanced tab.

8. Click on the test button.

From the properties, you have to rename the folder of sound output. Also, you have to check whether you hear the sound properly from the headphones or not. Let’s figure out what to do if the headphones are not working.

Troubleshooting Methods For Gaming Headphones Not Working

Try these steps to make your headphones work on PC.

1. Ensure That You Are Using Right Port Of Headphones

You have to ensure that you have plugged the headphones in the right port. For instance, you have to choose the 3.5mm port,green for headphone input. You can also use the sound card. Now you have to choose the right sound port for your gaming headphones. The modern motherboards have a surround sound system for a better listening experience.

2. Auto-Detection Could Be Preventing The Headphones To Work

The auto-detection could be preventing the headphones from working on your computer. You have to use the HD audio Realtek manager to check the sound quality. Also, disable the jack to check if the headphones work or not.

3.  Install The Drivers Again

You have to install the drivers of audio on the windows again. There are chances that gaming headphones might not be working on the pc because of the corrupt drives. You have to reboot the computer and update the audio drivers. You can turn off the headphone sound from settings and toggle it again to check if the headphones work or not.

4. Choose Another Format

You can choose any other format of the headphones from the PC. For instance, you can choose the input or output format from the windows.

5. The Headphones Must Be On Mute

You have to choose the options headphones from your PC’s audio settings and check if it is not mute. Also, you have to check the support controls. The headphone might be mute from the sliders, and you have to turn up the volume to hear the sound.

6. Try Another Headset On Your Computer

You can try to use the headset on any other computer. Knowing if the issue is in the headset or not, you can use it with any other device and check the sound levels. Also, use the other headset if you are facing sound quality issues on your PC.

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