3 Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboards 2019

3 Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboards In 2019

The trend of gaming can never come to end, as day by day there are new things introduced in gaming, and no doubt we can’t keep our eyes away from those things. Some of those gadgets are very important to get if you want to enhance your experience of gaming, while some of them are not.

1 – Corsair Vengeance K95

The name tells us how strong the keyboard is when it comes to quality of the keyboard, it is no doubt one of the best and you are surely able to find some different colors in this keyboard also. It offers you a lot of features that you are not able to find in any other kind of keyboard. It replaces the previous version of this keyboard, it has the Cherry MX gaming mechanical features that are sure to amaze you all over. It also has the set of 18 adjustable macros, you can call it as the benefit from this keyboard, and surely this is one of the coolest feature about this keyboard. The 4 profiles can be easily stored on this keyboard, as it has its one onboard memory as well.

2 – RazerBlackWidow

If you are into gaming then I am sure that you already have heard about this keyboard, as this is one of the most talked about keyboards in the date of toady, people are in love with this keyboard and why not? It has so many features to offer you. This is the award winning keyboard that will literally change the way you play games. It is very easy to use with the mind blowing features it has to offer its players. It has more than 80 million keystrokes and comes with a complete 2 year warranty, now what else can you ask about now? It is packed with full set of features that will amaze you for sure.

3 – Das Keyboard 4 Professional 

This keyboard is perfect for a person who loves to type and game, as this will offer you features beneficial for both tasks. No doubt this is one of the best laptop that you can find now. It has the dedicated hardware media which is very eye catching and will make your collection look at its best. You are able to play games on it easy as compared to the other keyboards as there are many different features that you might not understand from them, but in the case of this keyboard the playing of games is really very easy.

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