All You Need to Know About Gaming Mice!

Computer gaming demands exceptionally great quality accessories. Although for casual gaming you can go under $20 optical mouse. However as soon as you reach certain level or stage of the game or you got bucks to spend you must need proper gaming accessories, including gaming headset, controller, PC, keyboard and especially gaming mouse and mouse pad.

Why a Gaming Mouse for Gaming?

First of all you don’t need it, actually you want it, just like a high definition Television. If you play First Person Shooter (FPS) games, you must need a gaming mouse, because your will undergo extreme wear and tear while you play FPS game. Here you must understand what I mean by wear and tear. I have personally broken six normal mice before I bought Razer Deathadder. As soon as you enter competition gaming like Clans you will come to know why you need an appropriate mouse that never betray you. You must be knowing professional gamers moves their hands at high speeds i.e. 2.5 m/s. As top Counter Strike players such as Forest Play at ultra-low sensitivity. Stress and friction a gaming mouse undergoes is unbearable for an average mouse that comes under $10.

Different Types of Player playing at different Sensitivity

High Sensitivity Players: Top speed 0.5 m/s.

Players who play at high sensitivity i.e. 0.5m/s do not tend to move their mouse very far, therefore they can go with smaller mouse mats. They need to have very firm grip on mouse as slightest movement responds to huge swings on their monitor screen. High sensitivity players do not want to move their mouse extremely fast.

Low Sensitivity Players: Top speed 2 m/s

For players who play at low sensitivity i.e. 2m/s, each movement is full sweep of their arms and therefore they need large mouse mats. Many CS professionals use ultra-low sensitivity. When they need to turn around 180 degrees it usually takes 2 huge sweeps, and therefore they have to execute such movement as quickly as possible. Such players can hit extremely fast speeds of up to 2m/s or 78 inch/s or beyond.

Medium Sensitivity Players: Top speed 1 m/s

Majority of players lie somewhere between low and high sensitivity players. They are fine with both larger and smaller mouse mats. They can move mouse quite fast however not at ridiculous speeds.

Some players use even lower sensitivities, for instance moving mouse up to a whole meter or 40 inches to turn 360 degrees. This is quite extreme, however it must be taken into consideration so that test results go beyond for what might be considered as fast speed.

If you are still confused about what type of gamer you are; here are the 4 common types of gamers.

Casual Gamers

Most if not all of us lie under this category, we do not play to win, but to enjoy and the journey is the only prize. Although casual gaming also need Gaming mouse as it helps you to avoid frequent replacements because not all the mice are ready to take the heat. Examples of Casual games are Bioshock, Crysis, COD4.

Competitive Gaming

Games that have sudden jolts of Competitive Primal Instincts. A day they are appear on couch eating chips and the very next day they are found online competing their online opponents PWNING them. Competitive players live normal lives however the animal within them comes during playing at Night. While gaming they become nocturnal species playing to win. At day time they take Cark Kent (Casuals). The examples of such games are CZ, CS, UT Series, CSS and TF2 or HL2 for change.

Professional Gamers

So you are not one of the above. Professionals are those who have achieved Nirvana already. They knows everything, what mouse is good for gaming and what speed they need to beat the heat. They are just like David Beckham who play, endorse and earn. Gaming is everything to them.

Wannabe Gamers also known as addicts or newbies

This is another emerging gamers breed who play just to waste their time. They don’t have talent to even qualify the WCG rounds. They just purchase latest breed that Drives Sales of Microsoft and Razer Inc. Some of them are those who play too much, too n00b or sometimes too good also. Well, some of them are talented but they are not able to win tournaments. These gamers have cool nicknames like [email protected]

By now you must be able to figure out what gamer type you are, hopefully not the last one

Companies that makes Gaming Mice?

Top players are Logitech, Razer Inc., Microsoft and Corsair. Microsoft usually collaborate with Razer Inc., however it also has its own brand too, Microsift SideWinder. Other less popular companies in gaming mice are Wolf King and Genius.

Types of Mouse Based On Input Technology. Let’s leave the Ball mouse for Jurassic park and Geek Museums. There are 4 types;

  • Optical
  • Laser
  • InfraRed (also called 3G IR), and
  • Wireless Mouse

Optical mice are most popular in Gaming world as compared to laser mouse. Laser mouse has higher lift-Off Distance which means it tracks the surface even after lifted above the surface up to 10mm, which isn’t acceptable while gaming and reaching edges of mouse pad you have to pick it up and bring to center during that cross hair should not move. With laser this isn’t possible therefore Laser mouse is gaming thingy. Never get prey to the gimmicks by Razer (Lachesis) and Logitech G9.

Laser Mice are best for graphic designers, professional architects and casual gamers. It offers extremely high DPI. It works on more surfaces, however for Competitive games it comes with unresolved problems. Laser Mice has higher lift-off distance, they have problems with tracking precisely, they skip a lot and particularly low sensitivity gamers will have issues with laser mice if they move their arms too fast. These gamers are just like Hummer on F1 track.

InfraRed or 3G IR is latest technology that is better than optical because it offers high precision tracking and does not compromise Lift-Off distance much.

Then there are Wireless mouse. They have Sensors like others but they are Wireless. Which means u have to plug-in a receiver.

Wireless mouse have same sensors like others however they are wireless i.e. no need to plug in receiver. The problems with wireless mice is that wireless waves travel faster in solids as compared to air. Therefore wireless mice has slower response rate. But, with improvements in technology this problems is minimized by increasing frequency of information sent. For instance, Logitech G7 is the first Wireless mouse that has Maximum 2000 DPI as well as a laser sensor. Problem with Best Wireless gaming mice is that it offers maximum data rate of around 500 reports per second. This is half of any latest wired mouse. With Razer Mamba release this general view is changed that Wireless mouse is not good enough for the purpose of gaming.

Common Terms That Can Factor Your Gaming Mouse Choice

Perfect Control

Moving mouse may result in turning your viewpoint in FPS games, moving cursor in RTS game or like rotating tank turret. In all cases importance of using mouse is proportionate response. When you move it slowly you expect your cursor to turn or scroll slowly. When you move it fast you need it to turn or move fast or quickly on your screen. When you creeps up behind you in game you need to be able to wild flick to face your competitor fast and return fire. Ideal response in a mouse is linear one, when moving mouse twice as quick result in response of twice as much. Perfect control can be defined as top speed up to which muse performs exactly it should.

Malfunction Speed

Fastest speed is one of the important factor while you choose a mouse. It is the fastest speed user can move before it gives up and chooses to fire next target at your feet. This can be called Malfunction speed, where your mouse loses control or effectively stops to work. As soon as you flick mouse beyond malfunction speed, anything can happen, i.e. either you end up looking in random direction or find have not turned around at all. All laser and optical mice must have malfunction speeds, therefore we need it to be as high as possible to avoid this.

Dots-per-inch (DPI)

It tells you how perfectly mouse can translate your hands movements to computer. Higher the DPI theoretically means mouse will perform better. Before choosing mouse with highest DPI, you should carefully think how much DPI is

High Sensitivity: 360 degrees in 0.1 m or 4 inches, approximately 1000 DPI required

Medium Sensitivity: 360 degrees in 0.25 m or 10 inches, approximately 400 DPI required

Low Sensitivity: 360 degrees in 0.50 m or 20 inches, approximately 200 DPI required

But DPI isn’t enough factor to decide the mouse performance. Laser mouse has higher DPI yet they arent good at malfunction speed and perfect control.

That’s enough about IR and Optical mouse performance, let us talk about different designs.

Claw Grip Design

This is for users who like to control by only 2 fingers i.e. Middle and forefinger. It allows you to create a claw like shape and offers extremely precise movement and accurate aiming during games. Examples of claw grip mouse are Razer Copperhead, Razer Krait and Razer Diamondback. Remember that if you have large palm, you will find claw grip quite uncomfortable.

Palm Grip Design

This is the most common one however slightly contoured and enhanced for gaming purposes. For controlling it you need to place whole palm on it. It doesn’t offer a very precise movement however it is highly comfortable for longer gaming session. This grip is preferred by most if not all users on planet “gaming world”. Examples are Logitech MX518, Logitech MX510, Logitech G5, Logitech G7, Logitech G9, Razer Lachesis and Razer Deathadder.

Finger Tip Grip Design

This is the most extreme grip design, with minimal contact points between your hand and mouse. It only use tips of the fingers to steer entire mouse in extremely rapid movements with least restrain to your wrist and hand. Mice chassis with this grip style tend to be extremely tight, short and usually with flattest back arch angle of 3. Everything is designed around speedy performance, where it must excels in. But, due to minimal contact points and support of hand, this grip type isn’t ideal when gliding movements that are needed to be delicate, slow and precise.

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