Gaming Mice List – Find The Best Gaming Mouse For Your Gaming Needs

Following is the top gaming mice list with all the important factors like DPI, Programmable Buttons, Connection etc. You can sort the list according to different factors to compare and select the best gaming mouse for you!

You can see the gaming mice sorted by sensors by clicking here = Gaming Mouse Sensors

NameTypeSensorDPI/CPIButtonsWeightDimension (mm)ConnectivityAccelerationPolling RateGripOn-board memoryPrice*Details
Razer MambaLaserPhilips TwinEye PLN-2034160009125g128 x 70 x 42Both210 IPS / 50G 1000HzPalmYes$$$
Logitech G9XLaserAvago ADNS-S950057004156g (±)110 x 80 x 39Wired150 IPS / 30G 1000HzClawYes$$$
Microsoft SideWinder X5LaserAvago ADNS-601020005162g129 x 78 x 41Wired45 IPS / 20G 500HzPalmYesN/A
Corsair M65 ProOpticalPixart PMW 3360120008115g (±)118 x 72 x 39Wired150 IPS / 30G 1000HzPalmYes$$-1
Razer Naga ChromaLaserRazer 5G1600019135g119 x 75 x 43Wired210 IPS / 50G 1000HzPalmNo$$-2
UtechSmart VenusLaserAvago ADNS-9800A1640018200g (±)226 x 208 x 96Wired150 IPS / 30G1000HzPalmYes$$-1
E-Blue Mazer II OpticalAvago ADNS-509025005120g126 x 62 x 40Wireless* / 20G250HzPalmNo$$-1
Razer DeathAdder EliteOpticalPixart PMW 3389-T3QU 160007105g127 x 70 x 44Wired450 IPS / 50G1000HzMultiNo$$-2
Logitech G602OpticalAvago AM010250011152g139 x 83 x 44Wireless160 IPS / 20G5000HzPalmNo$$-1
Logitech G502 ProteusOpticalPixart PMW 3366DM1200011121g (±)132 x 75 x 40Wired300 IPS / 40G1000HzPalmYes$$-2
VicTsing MM057OpticalPixart PAW 32122400291g103 x 70 x 39WirelessUnavailable250HzPalmNo$$-1
E-Blue Cobra EMS109BKOpticalAvago 505024002113g126 x 64 x 39Wireless* / 16GUnavailablePalmNo$$-1
Razer ImperatorLaserPhilips TwinEye PLN 2033 64007139g123 x 71 x 42Wired200 IPS / 50G1000HzPalmYes$$-2
Logitech G500LaserAvago ADNS-S9500570010164g (±)129 x 87 x 44Wired165 IPS / 30G1000HzPalmYes$$$
Logitech G903OpticalPixart PMW 33661200011110g130 x 66 x 40Both400 IPS / 40G1000HzMultiYes$$$
Mad Catz Rat 4OpticalPixart PMW 33105000990g160 x 71 x 125Wired130 IPS / 30G1000HzMultiNo$$-2
Logitech G700sLaserAvago ADNS-9808820013147g 121 x 83 x 42Both160 IPS / 30G1000HzMultiYes$$-2
Logitech G402OpticalAvago AM01040008108g 136 x 72 x 41Wired500 IPS / 16G1000HzMultiYes$$-1
SteelSeries Rival 110 OpticalTrueMove17200691g121 x 58 x 38Wired240 IPS / 30G1000HzMultiYes$$-1
SteelSeries Sensei 310OpticalTrueMove3 (custom Pixart 3360)12000892g121 x 58 x 38Wired350 IPS / 50G1000HzMultiYes$$-2
Razer TaipanLaserAvago ADNS-S98188200995g124 x 63 x 36Wired200 IPS / 50G1000HzMultiNo$$-2
Zowie Benq FK1OpticalAvago ADNS-33103200590g128 x 67 x 37WiredUnavailable1000HzMultiNo$$-2
SteelSeries Rival 300OpticalPixart PMW 331065006104g133 x 70 x 45Wired200 IPS / 50G1000HzPalm/ClawNo$$-1
BenQ Zowie EC1-BOpticalPixart PMW 33603200094g120 x 69 x 33WiredUnavailable1000Hz (±)Palm/ClawNo$$-2
Razer Naga TrinityOpticalRazer 5G1600019120g119 x 74 x 43Wired450 IPS / 50G1000HzPalm/ClawYes$$$
Roccat Kone AimoOpticalOWL EYE (PixArt 3361)1200012130g130 x 74 x 40Wired250 IPS / 50G1000HzPalm/ClawYes$$-2
Logitech G603OpticalHero Sensor120006104g124 x 68 x 43Wireless250 IPS / 50G1000HzMultiYes$$-1
Logitech G900OpticalPixart PMW 33661200011107g130 x 67 x 40Both300 IPS / 40G1000HzMultiYes$$$
Mionix CastorOpticalPixart PMW 3310100006141g122 x 70 x 40Wired215 IPS / 0G1000HzMultiYes$$-2
MAD CATZ R.A.T AIROpticalPixart PMW 33891600010105g00 x 00 x 00Both400 IPS / 50G1000HzMultiNoN/A
Razer Mamba HyperFlux OpticalRazer 5G16000996g125 x 70 x 43Both450 IPS / 50G1000HzMultiNo$$$
Cougar SurpassionOpticalPixart PMW 33307200096g120 x 65 x 38Wired150 IPS / 30G1000Hz (±)Palm/ClawYes$$-1
Lexip 3D MouseLaserAvago ADNS-980082000150g120 x 72 x 43Wired150 IPS / 30G1000HzPalm/ClawYes$$$
Alienware Elite AW958 OpticalPixart PMW 33601200013197g130 x 96 x 40Wired250 IPS / 50G1000HzPalmYes$$-2
HyperX Pulsefire Surge
OpticalPixart PMW 3389)160006130g120 x 69 x 41Wired450 IPS / 50G1000HzAmbidextrousYes$$-2

Important Pointers:


$$-1 = under $50
$$-2 = above $50
$$$ = $100 or above


The mentioned DPI value is max. All mice have adjustable DPI.

Weight (±) Symbol

The (±) means that weights are adjustable.


All dimensions are in mm and in Length x Width x height format.

Laser vs Optical Gaming Mouse:

Optical mouse uses LEDS for movements tracking whereas Laser, as the name implies, uses Laser for tracking movements. Generally, Laser sensor is more responsive than optical but Optical is the most accurate.

DPI Clarification

DPI (Dot per inches) is a resolution focused factor that generally everyone throws around during discussion about gaming mice. It is correlated with sensitivity i.e. if you’re playing a game that requires quick movements than you would need a mouse that has higher sensitivity. So DPI basically means when you move your mouse, how fast or how further the cursor moves on the screen. It may also called CPI (Count Per Inches) some time. Following are the usual DPI numbers as per the game requirements (1)

High Sensitivity: roughly 1000 DPI needed
Medium Sensitivity: roughly 400 DPI needed
Low Sensitivity: roughly 200 DPI needed

Read More About Factors Effecting Gaming Mouse: Gaming Mouse Factors

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