How We Picked & Tested The Gaming Mouse

To create best mice reviews, we surveyed more than 100 consumer feed backs and reviews to find the users gaming habits and preferences. Most if not all of the users used right handed mice or ambidextrous mice. All of them, including lefties, uses mice with their right hand. Just 10% found to use more than 10 buttons and they were MMO players, just 3% responded that they need more buttons for their next gaming scenario. Therefore we only focused on right handed with less than or equal to 10 buttons.

We picked price limit of $100, as only 11% user responded to pay more for gaming mice. 50% said they can pay $50 to $70. We gave priority to features than appearance, as over 70% of our respondent did.

To come up with our initial list of 24 contenders, we scoured reviews from PC Advisor, PC Gamer, PCMag, PCWorld, TechRadar, and Tom’s Guide; we also learned a lot about gaming mice from Red Bull and the Overclock forums (including how to test them).We used these reviews to prune our list to seven semifinalists, and then we evaluated those mice (and their software) by using each one for a few hours. This process led us to three finalists: Razer’s DeathAdder Chroma and Mamba Tournament Edition, and Logitech’s G502 Proteus Spectrum.

Although wireless gaming mice have lagging issues, we didn’t omit them because there is enough user that like wire free gaming. Also we didn’t prioritized mice which worked better with grip types, over 20% of users told they least care how they held their mouse, around 50 percent said they can switch to new grip for their great gaming mice.

We scoured the reviews on PC Gamer, PCAdvisor, TechRadar, PCMag, Tom’sGuide, OverclockForums, RedBull to create a huge list of gaming mice reviews. Then on the basis of these reviews we tested them including their software for few hours. And then we created this list by sending these content to our friends, staff and other users to confirm our results on the basis of these factors.

  • Mouse Tracking speed:
  • Will that mouse cater with fast movements and report them precisely?
  • Does it go out of order on quick movements?
  • If its velocity does not look fairly smooth curve and drops to zero mid movement, or has all types of weird sharpness, it is not registering the motion properly.
  • Acceleration:
  • Does it track movement accurately and support acceleration? (However, by default, it should be disabled because no one like to add extra movements to their cursor depending on how fast they want to move it.
  • Jitter:
  • Does it register the straight line while you move in straight path?
  • Does its vertical and horizontal movements look like nice, normal line when you move it diagonally when you graphed and show no abrupt movement on X and Y axis?
  • Anti-jitter:
  • Does your mouse working too hard against jitter? It means it might not registering small movements which is worse than having jitter.
  • Prediction:
  • Does your mouse try to help you draw what it perceives as straight line? Although most mice are not capable to do so, smoothing out slight curved motion really makes a mouse less accurate, not more.
  • Polling rate:
  • When you set your mouse for a particular polling rate (such as 125 Hz, 500 Hz, or 1000 Hz), does it actually register movement at that rate? To test this function we moved each mouse around and graphed how long it took to report each update, which should correspond with its polling rate (for example, 1 ms = 1000 Hz, 2 ms = 500 Hz, 8 ms = 125 Hz).
  • Sensitivity: The higher the mouse’s DPI/CPI sensitivity, the farther your mouse cursor moves relative to your hand movement. At higher sensitivities, a tiny twitch of your hand can send the cursor zipping across the screen. Though you can fine-tune your mouse’s sensitivity in the software, the task is easier when the mouse’s actual sensitivity is close to the number you set in the control panel.

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