Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech is a popular brand in gaming history and since long its models and variants looks fine to continue its popular line and Logitech G402 is one of them. Although it do not include all features possible, it includes higher speed, higher sensitivity laser sensor, loads of programmable buttons and 32 bit ARM processor therefore it has everything needed for a pro gaming performance. Its key features include;

Basically G402 is a successor to G400s but with some upgrades. The G400s have Avago ADNS-3095 optical sensor whereas G402 features Avago AM010 optical fusion engine hybrid sensor coupled with Logitech Delta Zero Technology. The fusion technology is basically accelerometer technology. G402 also has on-board memory and uses Omron switches. The mouse is ideal for claw or Palm grip and the buttons are placed very neatly.


Technical Specifications

  • Sensor: Optical
  • DPI Levels: 240 to 4000
  • Max. acceleration: 16G
  • Max. speed: up to 500 inches/sec
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Programmable Buttons: 8

Other Features:

  • 32-bit ARM processor
  • On-the-fly adjustable DPI
  • Delta Zero sensor technology
  • Fusion Engine hybrid sensor
  • Onboard memory for profile storage

Mouse Design

Main areas where Logitech G402 does not impresses is its design. Glossy and matte black plastic combo is surely not unpleasant however neither is it all that attractive. Additionally offset glowing G Logo in blue color does not actually do much for the user. It is all a bit all over the place. Many mice such as Steel series and Corsair M46 give off more sense of cohesion.

No premium material are used in this mouse. There is none of the Aluminum of Corsair M65 or snazzy braided cables used in this model to make it appear among the other premium mice out there. Although the cable is pretty long and comparatively kink-free, it is plain rubber. In terms of design Logitech G402 is just like a cheap Knock off from china.

Mouse Ergonomics

Although Logitech G402 doesn’t look the part is use it most definitely feels it. Matt finish feels perfect under you palm and fingers and the contouring is nearly perfect. Now exactly there is a usually a level of personal preference when it is about ergonomics however to us Logitech G402 perfectly nails it. G402 is slimmer and longer than Corsair M45. Its elongated gently curved top section perfectly supports your palm and fingers finely whenever you need more relaxed position and at the same time scalloped, rubberized sides gives a very firm grip while moving mouse with little finger and thumb.

Flared section under thumb grip really helps thumb to avoid slide off. Comparatively, Steel Series Sensei’s finely flat sides could nearly cause thumb to slip beneath mouse.

More subtle tweaks include chamfered corners round mouse base that help you to ensure mouse does not dig into your mouse mat. Specific interference when swiftly moving and raising the mouse in First Person Shooting Games. Corsair M45 does not have this as well as digs in uncomfortably.

The last word that I must put in the Ergonomics section is that this moue is for only right handed users.

Mouse Buttons

According to the customer feed backs about Logitech G402, this mouse is flawless in terms of its buttons. Buttons are pretty responsive and click instantly instead being stodgy and delayed feedback. The placement of the buttons was also very perfect. The 2 main button and scrolling wheel fall simply into its place. There are also forward and back buttons which sits just above your thumb. These are as close as possible still are not prone to sudden hit.

Similarly 2 buttons that are placed to left side of left click button are for DPI adjustment and they are pretty much easier to reach and still do not get into the way of each other. They are so much good that our reviewers changed their mind about multiple DPI settings. For long it has been agreed upon that most if not all the time there is only a need of 2 DPI settings, i.e. slow and fast and while gaming and having single button for DPI switching is all that is needed. But, so easy did we find Logitech G402’s buttons that we ended up frequently switching between multiple DPI settings.

There is a sniper button placed right forward of thumb. This is to momentarily reduce DPI while it is pressed, therefore you do not need to manually adjust DPI up and down. This was found to be little less convenient as it needs adjusting your mouse grip in order to move your thumb forward. However it works and its location has become standard for this features.

Mouse Accuracy & Precision

Main feature of Logitech G402 is its 500 ips sensor speed. IPS means the top speed at which laser or optical sensor stops consistent response that how user move the mouse, and it generally tops at about 100 to 150 ips. But, what good is done be Logitech in G402 is that it combine laser sensor with gyroscope and accelerometer.

This enable onboard processor that allow mouse to reports reasonably accurate motion. It is just the same principle as implemented by few Sat Navs in order to report more precise location. As claimed by Logitech, this technology enable G402 to be accurate beyond 500 ips speed.

Empowering all these extra controls and calculation is another major feature, 32 bit ARM processor. There isn’t a word on what kind of processor this is. Also as this higher speed, sensor is rated up to 4,000 dpi as well as mouse can report at any intervals as low as 1ms. Neither are class leading figure but they are competitive enough with many other high end mice.

That is a very impressive series of features and performance however when you talk about extras, Logitech G402 is not buzzing very loudly. For those individuals who see a point to such features, they will really miss the weight cartridges system, that is available in Logitech G502. There isn’t any adjustability of mouse shape or built-in memory to store your profile settings to use it on different computers where user cannot install driver.

Mouse Software

To get best form Logitech G402 you must download its gaming software that will allow you to change buttons function, change polling rate, fine tune DPI, adjust logo light, and even test how fast you can move your mouse. This is rather funny because when we try we found that to reach close to 100ips, for instance 500ips, it found to move so furiously there is no way gamers could even go close to heat of battle. This means extra flexibility is always welcome.

All in All its software is pretty clearly laid out as well as easier to use.



  • Extremely comfortable
  • Good Sensor
  • Affordable
  • Very Light in weight
  • Great response and placement of buttons
  • Easy on the fly DPI switching


  • It lack weight system
  • Quite Small
  • It Does not have looks of premium mice

Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse

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