Logitech G402 vs Logitech G502 – Comparison Between G402 vs G502 Gaming Mouse

If your search is about how Logitech G502 versus Logitech G402 are different or similar to each other, you are at right page. Both gaming mice are highly popular and esteemed amongst most if not all types of gamers. Both has earned above 4 star ratings out of 5 on reputable online gaming communities & other platforms.

However question still exists which one is better, and how do each stand out from their competitors. This page will explain both the points of parities and point of difference as well as you will get complete analysis and review of both model to help you out in narrowing down the best of two.

So without wasting time, let us start!

G402 vs G502 Comparison Snapshot

Logitech G402 Wireless Gaming Mouse Logitech G502 Proteus Specturm / Core
DPI Range 240 – 4,000 dpi 200 – 12,000 dpi
Max. Acceleration 16G >40G*
Grip Palm Palm
Sensor Optical
Avago AM010
Pixart PMW 3366DM
Connectivity Corded Corded
Programmable Buttons 8 11
Unique Features
  • Delta Zero™ & Fusion Engine™ Hybrid Sensor Optimization
  • 1 millisecond report rate
  • 32-BIT ARM Processor for onboard memory
  • Dual-Mode Scroll Wheel
  • Sensor Tuning for Surface
  • Weight Tuning
  • RGB Lighting (Spectrum)
Price $50 $60
Full Review Full Review

Comparison Details:

Now a little explanation of above mentioned details as keeping these differences in mind will better help you choose between the G402 vs G502.

Logitech G502 Core vs Logitech G502 Spectrum

Logitech G502 is available in two variants Core & Spectrum. The only difference between them is that unlike Logitech G502 Core, Logitech G502 Spectrum has RGB lighting option.

Design and Ergonomics

In terms of look and feel, you can consider that both Logitech G502 and G402 are really similar, however deep inside both models doesn’t very common. When it is all about form and shape they are nearly identical and offer comparable ergonomics.

As a matter of fact, Logitech took its best seller G402 gaming mouse and upgraded it with few additional features like improved sensor and named it as Logitech G502.

However even despite their appearance perfect common, weight, size and features differ from each other, and which model is better entirely depends on the user and their preferences in terms of gaming mouse.

Now Let us dive into the unique and different features of both models.

Build Quality

Most noticeable difference between both models is widely different build quality. Logitech is more of budget mouse, and with cost cutting it also compromised on material quality and features. This become clearer with the fact that G402 include Delta Zero Sensor, which is an older version of sensor. It is still fine, but does not offer the same level of tracking as well as surface customization which PMW3366 sensor installed in Logitech G502 can offer.

Unlike Logitech G502’s durable braided cable, G402 strives with stiffer and thinner cable which can add resistance when you do not have cord bungee in order to keep cable out of the way.

Moreover button clicks on Logitech G402 feel less crisp and softer as compared to G502, alluding to more problems in near future with mouse buttons not properly registering your clicks.

Therefore when durability is the major concerned, Logitech G502 wins by landslide.

Customized Weight Tuning

Another feature which actually sets G502 apart from G402 is unique weight tuning system which allows user to reposition or change small weights on mouse bottom to make it heavier, lighter or shift center of gravity till your mouse feels right.

On the other hand Logitech G402 is one of the lightest mice presently available on the market, and it is even lighter than G502 with all of its additional weight removed. Actually we remain indifferent about if this is bad or good, because it depend on what type of heft user expect.

When you are in need of simplest or lightweight mouse, Logitech G402 is fine. When you need to customize your mouse weight, then Logitech G502 is better.

Mouse Grips and Ergonomics types

As explained above, ergonomics and shape of both are essentially same and geared towards right handed gamers, however there are also few major differences.

Firstly, G402 is slightly longer than G502, however it is less wide, and therefore users with smaller hands could find it more comfortable. In contrast users with larger hands will like large size of Logitech G502. Curve profiles of both models are approximately similar, with sloping at front and highest point towards back, instead of an even curve in middle. Such shape is usually best for users with palm grip, however if you play with fingertip or claw, they can still work fine.

Performance – G402 vs G502

Both Logitech G402 & G502 uses optical sensors. G502 uses Pixart 3366 whereas G402 uses Avago AM010. Now 3366 is one of the flawless mouse sensors in market however the G402 has enahnced AM010 by using hybrid fusion engine technology that uses accelerometer & gyroscope for accurate movement. On the other hand, G502 sensor can be tuned according to the surface, giving you more control over the movement accuracy.

Both offers on-board memeory with a 32 bit ARM Microprocessor. G502 offers higher DPI/CPI whereas G42 offers more speed per inches.

So in terms of performance both are almost head to head, however G502 offers a bit better than G402.

G502 vs G602 – Which is Better?

Overall Logitech G502 is almost same like G402 in terms of accuracy & performance. However featurewise Logitech G502 has way more better customizability and options. The G502 awesome dual mode scroll wheel, more programmable buttons and mechanical microswitches makes it a first choice when it comes to buy a better FPS gaming mouse.

So our recommendation between G502 vs G402 is G502 Proteus Spectrum (or Core).

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