Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse Review

From software to design to performance, Logitech Proteus Core G502 is really hands-down one of the best all-purpose gaming mice out there.

It’s great to see a company take a nearly perfect product and iron out its last remaining kinks.

The Logitech G500s was a topnotch all-purpose gaming mouse, but its successor, the Logitech G502 Proteus Core, surpasses it in every way.

It is great that company take its nearly perfect product and cast out its last remaining kinks. Logitech G502 is one of the best all-purpose gaming mice. In fact, we can confidently say that Proteus Core is the best all-purpose gaming mice yet.

Design & Mouse Grip

Proteus Core offers smart design choices at all opportunities. It offers comfortable experience for palm grip users and an exception for gamers who use claw grip.

Mouse is rather small as well as low in profile. Small thumb rest as well as grip for 2 outermost fingers are textured to provide both, pleasant tactile sensation and stability.

Palm grip players who have larger hands may feel Proteus Core a little smaller. Otherwise, it is hard to find how Logitech company could have invented the best all-purpose mouse design for gaming.

Mouse Buttons

With 11 programmable buttons, Logitech Proteus Core is neither excessive nor minimalist. The 11 buttons include:

• Left/Right buttons
• Scroll wheel clicks in 3 directions
• 2 DPI sensitivity button on top
• 1 button below scrolling wheel
• 3 thumb buttons
• 1 non-programmable button below scroll wheel to adjust wheel’s friction.

The biggest criticism about G500s is that scrolling wheel is felt flimsy and loose, even on pressing it to give it additional resistance. Logitech improved this issue in Proteus Core. Free scrolling mode is yet there, however, its now rock solid when pressed, with resistance to spare. The ridged design is both effective and comfortable.

Otherwise, buttons placement is in very smart layout. Thumb buttons are big and distinctive. Lowest button is perfectly situated for “sniper” button which lowers DPI level, a very useful feature in FPS games. DPI buttons, situated next to left mouse click button, are far enough to remain out of the way and large enough to be pressed easily without seeing it.

DPI Setting and Sensitivity

Setting mouse at 12,000 DPI (highest setting) means you do not need to move your mouse far for cursor to move far across your screen or something like multi-monitor system.

Mouse is powered by 32-bit on board microcontroller which can be changed through pressing nifty DPI up/down or shift buttons which lower or raise sensitivity on the fly.

However, high DPI level begs a question, ‘Why need something much sensitive?’ Answer is no need to, at certain point, high DPI appears to be unwieldy.

At maximum setting, it forces you to lower the sensitivity in your system settings in order to compensate and return your mouse at reasonable tracking speed. DPI feature at 1200 level seems to be unnecessary for average user.


Proteus Core shares the same software that other Logitech mice do. Although this software lagged behind comparative Razer Synapse Software few months ago, now it has really come into its own. You can save and store 3 profiles internally, or virtually unlimited profiles on your computer. The best features in Logitech software is capability to scan PC to determine which games are installed and it automatically creates particular profile for them.

Customizing profile is easy. Just click on command, profiles use commands specific to games, like Attack Move for the StarCraft 2 or Grapnel Gun for Batman: Arkham City, and drag it on desired button. Software will automatically set profile when you launch the game.

                                        Download Logitech G502 Software: Click Here For Official Download Link

Creating Macros, Adjusting DPI and Controlling Mouse Illumination

You can also create macros, adjust DPI range and control mouse illumination. Mouse ranges 200-12000 DPI level. In curiosity, we tried 12,000 DPI and saw it far too much sensitive to be of much use that you cannot find in any other mouse.

Surface Testing

There is another innovative feature i.e. surface testing ability to help you optimize anything a paper sheet to standard desktop to high-end mouse pad. We tried all and found impressive results.

Adjustable Weights

Although G500s had this, Proteus Core refined it. Instead Eject-able canister, Proteus Core provided magnetic door underside, hiding spots for 5 x 3.6 g weights. Not only you can select to add, but also select where to add weight to have granular control over mouse feel. For instance, adding weight to center feel differently as compared to back.


Thanks a lot to the Proteus Core’s reasonably spaced button and appropriate size, the mouse performs well in controlling games of any genre.

We tested it with StarCraft II, BioShock Infinite, World of Warcraft and Batman: Arkham City. We found it equally suitable with real-time strategy (RTS), first-person shooter (FPS), massively multiplayer online (MMO) as well as action/adventure games.

In all game genre, Logitech Proteus Core found to be accurate, responsive and precise. Extra buttons were useful, however, never overbearing. Assigning skills to thumb buttons like selecting entire groups of soldiers in StarCraft 2, Crouching in BioShock Infinite or grappling P2P in Batman: Arkham City left our left hand free to concentrate nearly on all movements.

Only 1 game genre to which it may not be highly suitable is Massively Multiplier Online (MMO). It worked well with World of Warcraft. Assigning most common skills to thumb button was convenient. Hardcore end-gamers may hunt a dedicated MMO mouse, like Logitech G600 with rows upon rows of buttons.

Logitech Proteus Core doesn’t have any appreciable liftoff range and moderately good tracking on Z-axis. Picking it up and replacing it causes cursor to move slightly, however, not enough interrupting anything but most demanding competitive tournament level.


  • Comfortable and intuitive design
  • Large buttons in smarter layout
  • Fine weight adjustments
  • Streamlined software with loads of options
  • Better scroll wheel
  • Surface customization is practical and cool feature
  • Versatile and responsive to suit myriad uses
  • Great claw grip style


  • May not be suitable for palm-grip users with large hands
  • 12,000 DPI level is really unnecessary
  • Left click is too close to DPI shift keys
  • Thumb rest does not jive for users with palm grip


Logitech took already-excellent G500 and improved few flaws in it, leaving this mouse which is both more robust and more streamlined. For specific needs like endgame MMO content or tournament Level FPS Proteus Core proved to be passable. For anything else, it is hard to imagine better generalist mouse for gaming. Manufacturers of Mouse, noted, Logitech Proteus Core is standard to beat.

Logitech has released Proteus Spectrum which is an updated version of Proteus Core offering 16.8 million Colors RGB backlit. Despite illumination and few blue highlights, Proteus Spectrum is just like its predecessor. No one can recommend between the two, for those who have Logitech peripherals, it’s important to note that Logitech Proteus Spectrum can sync with RGB gaming products by the Logitech company, like Atlas Spectrum Headset and Orion Spark Keyboard.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse

With 11 programmable buttons and features like Surface tuning calibration, Weight and balance tuning etc, Logitech G502 Proteus Core is the ultimate gaming mouse you would ever need. With DPI settings up to 12,000 & hyper-fast scroll wheel, Logitech G502 gives you the gaming experience you have always wanted.

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    Zoee Clark January 29, 2018 at 10:20 am

    Logitech G502 is just one missing and probably the best. It’s cheaper yet have most effective features. G502 Spectrum by Logitech even has its own Subreddit for individuals to flood over such an important landmark in tech and gaming world. Logitech G900 is best too however it can’t compare with G502.

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