Logitech G602 vs Logitech G502 – Comparison Between G602 vs G502 Gaming Mouse

We got tons of queries about mouse comparisons from the gaming enthusiasts who are always after something better to beat their contender. You have probably read on several forums and sites that Logitech G502 is one of the best gaming mice out there but then there are some people who recommends G602 instead of G502. So what is the difference between G602 & G502 and more importantly how significant it can be when it comes to competitive gaming?

Here we compare Logitech G602 with its cousin G502. We will find how close both these mice are in terms of specs and features because G602 price is something that will really drive you. Also it has a new wireless feature but will it be something that could help you play games like Civilization or Battlefield. Lets find out.

G602 vs G502 Comparison Snapshot

Logitech G502 Proteus Specturm / Core Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
DPI Range 200 – 12,000 dpi 250 – 2,500 dpi
Max. Acceleration >40G* >20G*
Grip Palm Palm
Sensor Optical
Pixart PMW 3366DM
Avago AM010
Connectivity Corded Wireless
Programmable Buttons 11 11
Unique Features
  • Dual-Mode Scroll Wheel
  • Sensor Tuning for Surface
  • Weight Tuning
  • RGB Lighting (Spectrum)
  • Delta Zero™ Sensor Optimization
  • Slip-resistant Grip
  • 250 hours of Wireless Gaming
Price $60 $40
Full Review Full Review

Comparison Details:

Now a little explanation of above mentioned geeky details.

Logitech G502 Core vs Logitech G502 Spectrum

Logitech G502 is available in two variants Core & Spectrum. The only difference between them is that unlike Logitech G502 Core, Logitech G502 Spectrum has RGB lighting option.

Mouse Look And Feel

Shape of both Logitech G502 and G602 is very similar. G602 is one of the first mouse by Logitech that have such type of feel and has a slightly more arch at palm and index finger. Also G602 has slip-resistant grips, which makes G602 a winner in this regard.

Performance and Features

Logitech G602 is a wireless mouse with removable non-chargeable batteries which has 2 modes; Performance and Endurance. Performance is actually for higher-precision however drains mouse battery more i.e. up to 500 reports/second. On the other hand Endurance lowers mouse precision which is mainly used for regular use such as internet browsing and the like, however batteries last much longer as compared to playing games, for example a few months, 1400 hours or 125 reports/second.

Logitech G502 is a corded mouse and offers features like RGB lighting, optical sensor which means higher DPI, weight tuning and sensor tuning according to surface. Now this G502 also has Dual-Mode scroll wheel which can be used for hyper scrolling and give you unfair advantage during gaming like prospecting etc. (btw some people consider it cheating and even ban the players using such feature).


Both G602 & G502 have 11 programmable buttons but with a slight difference in placement. There are 6 buttons on Logitech G602 side, on the other hand Logitech G502 has 4. Both has DPI buttons at the end of thumb. You can use Logitech software to customize the buttons functionality.

DPI Range

Both mice have optical sensors however Logitech G502 has higher DPI range than G602. Similarly both have same DPI switch levels on the fly at 5 pre-sets. If you consider higher DPI a better option, then G502 is your winner here.

G502 Surface Tuning Feature vs G602 Delta Zero™ Sensor Technology

Logitech G502 has an option for surface tuning for best precision on different surface, whereas G602 has the Delta Zero™ Sensor technology which improve the accuracy of the cursor on any surface. So in terms of cursor accuracy both are almost equal.

Scrolling Wheel

G502 has metal hyper swift dual-mode scrolling wheel that most if not all the reviewers prefer to that rubbery G602. This feels much nicer and gives you more perfect scrolling making G502 a preferred choice.

Mouse Weight Tuning and Weight Adjustments

Logitech G502 has customizable weight for better feel of mouse that G602 has not. Without weights, both G602 & G502 feels same.

Mouse Connectivity and Cable

G502 has a braided cable, whereas Logitech G602 is wireless. Now for some, using a corded mouse doesn’t make any difference but in our opinion wireless gives you better management (if it doesn’t lag of course).

G502 vs G602 – Which is Better?

Overall Logitech G602 is almost same like G502 in terms of accuracy & feel except the wireless option. However featurewise Logitech G502 has way more better customizability and options. Users who have used both of the mouse have tend to use G502 more and only used Logitech G602 when they are away from their desks and need a wireless functionality. So our recommendation between G502 vs G602 is G502 Proteus Spectrum (or Core).


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