Logitech G603 Wireless Mouse Review

Wireless mice are great for gaming. As soon as you experience gaming without dragging rope around there isn’t any going back. The only problem is accurate tracking, high sensitivity and instant reporting rate of high quality gaming mice are all at chances with battery levels. With several hours of game play every day battery must be charged or replaced in less than a week.

Logitech has a solution for this with its PowerPlay wireless charging pad, however that is an additional cost of $100 which presently just works with 2 mice G703 and G903. Good news is that Logitech now has 3rd version with new G603 model.

With an all new HERO sensor, this mouse gives you continuous gaming of 500 hours on single AA battery, or non-gaming use of 1400 hours. This is probably a wireless mouse with charge measured in months rather days. With light speed wireless technology Logitech allows for unparalleled wireless reliability and responsiveness. It’s a competent wireless gaming mouse with tremendously long battery time, ergonomic design, and some other handy bells and whistles.

If you need a wireless gaming mouse which is inexpensive yet good enough to earn some praise from gamers then Logitech G603 is the one. It is not as versatile and refined as G703 and G903, however with that price tag and performance, Logitech G502 is still a good gaming mouse.


Technical Specifications

  • Sensor: Hero Optical Sensor
  • DPI Levels: 12000
  • Max. acceleration: 40G
  • Max. speed: up to 400 inches/sec
  • Connectivity: Wireless(Bluetooth + Nano Reciever) + Wired
  • Programmable Buttons: 6

Other Features:

  • LIGHTSPEED™ wireless technology
  • Onboard memory
  • Adjustable weight
  • 500 hrs of not stop gaming on 1 battery
  • 10x power efficiency than other sensors


G603 offers a simple yet elegant ergonomic design. It is quite small i.e. only 4.9 inches x 2.7 inches and gamers with very small hands may find it difficult to grip comfortably. Although it is neither textured sides nor thumb rest, it is designed ergonomically with smooth curve on right and steeper curve on left. Central gray panel has a storage space underneath for wireless dongle and 2 AA batteries. In contrast to other wireless gaming mice by Logitech, G603 cannot be used with USB cable, so try not to lose that nano receiver.

Mouse shape is nearly indistinguishable from G703 and got same generic mid-profile curve which works well for palm grip and claw grip users. It is exclusively a right handed mouse.

On the left there is a pair of easy to reach thumb buttons that have good click action. One can easily execute additional gaming commands without a need of pressing hard it moves around, however they aren’t so sensitive that you will activate them by mistake.

Inside the central panel you will see space for 2 AA batteries and small slot to stow the small nano receiver. G603 also works with Bluetooth, although you may not get top-level gaming performance. On bottom you will see a switch to toggle mouse between Performance and Endurance report rate as well as a button for flipping between Bluetooth and Light-speed wireless receiver.

Mouse Buttons

Altogether it has 14 buttons including

• 6 programmable buttons
• 1 left click button
• 1 right click button, both left/right click button have fine audible click, with firm actuation force which is well suited for almost all game genre. However those who like soft-touch, short-throw action for playing extremely rapid click such as RTS pros might feel it little bit stiff.
• 1 scroll wheel on the top and has fine wide rubbery grip and clicky scrolling.
• 2 DPI sensitivity adjustment button beneath scroll wheel
• 2 thumbs buttons
• 2 extra buttons at bottom, 1 for changing default power consumption to low-power mode for extreme productivity and 1 for shifting between Bluetooth and dongle connectivity.

All the buttons are pretty much where they should be. In terms of design there isn’t anything remarkable about this mouse, neither good nor bad. It is pretty comfortable, although it is not suitable for left-hand users, so a peg below Logitech G903.


The biggest feature of G603 is its wireless function i.e. Lightspeed technology. The mouse can be connected through Bluetooth or Nano Reciever, and can function in gaming mode or power saving mode. The nano receiver offers 1000 Hz polling rate in gaming mode and 125 Hz in non-gaming mode. on bluetooth, its around 133Hz.

Battery Life

Logitech promises around 500 hours of battery life, if you use it for 8 hours daily it is around 2 month time. Although we were not able to confirm this, however the drain appear in line with the promise made by Logitech. The only low light is that other mice by Logitech are rechargeable, obviating need to spare 6 or more batteries every year. Indeed, you could get some rechargeable batteries, however this seems as something Logitech must have offered, instead of kicking the can over you. Another issue with G603 is that it doesn’t work with PowerPlay mouse mat, something offered by G703 and 903.

It is devoid of lighting, unlike other mice by Logitech whole point of G603 is its extreme battery life. Either lack of RGB lighting is drawback or benefit is purely depends on personal preference.

The biggest question that we found on gaming communities is that does battery actually last for more than 500 hours when in performance mode on single pair of AAs? The answer varies however we were able to confirm that a single AA battery last for a little more than 1 month at least, which is good enough for most of us.


Although with only 6 buttons and no illumination, there doesn’t seems to be much need for customization, however there are few things that you can customise in G603. These includes DPI, buttons, profiles for each game, and weight.

It has no illumination to palm rest and scroll wheel, like other gaming mice, however for this price and wireless capabilities there is no reason for this.

Mouse Performance

Logitech G603 caters pretty much for all game genre that you can throw on it. It found to be well on StarCraft Remastered, Overwatch, The Witcher 3 etc and it felt very accurate and responsive for each game. The only low side is that it cannot be said to be specifically supportive for any game genre, it was found to be equally simple to pirouette between Gun down Foes as Reaper and Bandits as Geralt of Rivia.

Usually gamers bother about setups in living rooms, however this isn’t a bothering point with Logitech G603, because this mouse experiences no lost or lag inputs from around 10 ft. away. Although the manufacturer does not give any estimate of distance for it, we tested it with appropriate reliability from up to around 50 ft. away.

Mouse Sensor

G603 is the very first mouse that uses Logitech’s new High Efficient Rate Optical (HERO) sensor. Logitech did its research to design this optical sensor and as per their claim, the sensor is at par or even better with than Pixart PMW3366 optical sensor used in many high-end mice. The HERO sensor also claims to be very power efficient.

This sensor track 400 inches/second from around 200 – 12000 DPI without applying any filtering or smoothing. Combined with low latency and 1ms report rate, you will be getting a very direct and super responsive control which never feels as it is wobbling, swimming and losing tracking. When played Diablo III, Over Watch and PBUG it was found to be just like G703 i.e. much responsive and precise.

Mouse Weight

The noticeable downside of this mouse is that it uses AA batteries rather than internal battery, and because of this it weight 112 grams with single regular AA battery installed. This is close to G903 or G703 which weighs about 110g.

Interesting thing is G603 works fine with single AA battery however it allows space for 2 AA batteries. This extra battery has no impact on performance however it can be used as weight adjustment. So for people who like heavier mouse, this mouse can go upto 136 g.

Now if you use Lithium batteries you can even reduce the weight from 112 g to around 100g which is quite awesome. In the end, weight that is different of only few grams will just matter for pro gamers. For everyday use this difference is almost negligible.

G603 Software

Logitech same gaming software is used by G603 which works with all the peripherals, and has same basic features besides the RGB lighting like in G703.

On the main page you will see battery life and the mode on which mouse is in Endurance or Performance. You can select to use on-board storage of mouse for single set of Button and DPI assignments, or utilize profile-based system which loads up the DPI as well as button settings which is based on the type of game you launch.

Up to five different DPI settings can be stored and one of them can be assigned as shift speed. Although you do not get loads of buttons to work with, customization options are sufficient. You may set either DPI button, thumb buttons, or click wheel in order to play back any type of mouse keystroke, button press, multi-key macro, short-cuts to launch applications, media and audio volume functions as well. The mouse also has onboard memory which enables you to plug your mouse in any PC and enjoy the same settings without any software.

Logitech software used by G603 is lean, intuitive and it works specifically well if you have lots of different Logitech gears.


  • Comfortable and unobtrusive design
  • Excellent wireless performance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fine accuracy for wireless gaming mouse
  • Long battery life
  • Dual wireless connectivity
  • Weight Customization


  • Lacks rechargeable battery
  • Not compatible with PowerPlay wireless charging pad
  • Lacks RGB lighting (some people care apparently)
  • Top case shift a little bit while playing


The Bottom Line

Picking up a wireless gaming mouse has always been a difficult choice due to sluggish responsiveness and battery life. Either you get a mouse that offers ultra-low latency and accurate tracking but with frequent battery charging or a mouse that offers long life with performance not suitable for gaming. With Logitech G603 you can finally find a good balance of both.

Logitech G603 is one of the cheap wireless mice from a big brand, and it also performs well. It is comfortable for long hours of play, works well many different game genres, and its low-power options give it a regular mouse productivity rank as well.

If your budget is above $100 for a mouse then you should go for G903 however if you are looking for a budget wireless mouse with good performance then Logitech G603 is a perfect choice for competent gaming as well as casual gaming where you doesn’t need fancy features. So basically, if you want the G603, it’ll be for its wireless capabilities with good price tag.


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