Logitech G700s vs Logitech G602 – Comparison Between Logitech G602 vs Logitech G700s Gaming Mouse

Logitech G602 & G700s gaming mouse are quite famous among gamers because of their performance. Both mice uses the Avago sensor however G602 uses optical whereas G700s uses laser sensor. G700s has higher DPi but G602 has Sensor Optimization feature that basically make up for its lower DPI settings. In this comparison of G700s vs G502, we help you to find out which mouse is better, so lets go!

Logitech G700s vs Logitech G602 Snapshot

Logitech G700S Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
DPI Range 200 - 8200 dpi 250 – 2,500 dpi
Max. Acceleration 30G >20G*
Grip Palm Palm
Sensor Laser
Avago ADNS-9808
Avago AM010
Connectivity Wireless + Corded Wireless
Programmable Buttons 13 11
Unique Features
  • Dual-Mode Scroll Wheel
  • Sensor Tuning for Surface
  • Weight Tuning
  • RGB Lighting (Proteus Core)
  • Delta Zero™ Sensor Optimization
  • Slip-resistant Grip
  • 250 hours of Wireless Gaming
Price $55 $40
Full Review Full Review

& now the details.

Logitech G700s vs G700

There is no real difference between G700 vs G700s except number of buttons and the connectivity. G700 offers only wireless connectivity whereas G700 s offers both wireless and wired connectivity. Both are same in shape except G700s has some trendy stripes design whereas G700 is plain black.

Pros of Logitech G 700s In comparison to Logitech G602
Logitech G700s is wired and wireless both and can switch between both modes easily.
It includes many buttons including 13 completely programmable keys.
It is equally comfortable as well as work best for both claw or palm grip
Logitech G700s include Dual Scroll modes

Cons of Logitech G700s in Comparison to Logitech G602

  • Battery Life lasts for a day approximately. Although it depends on the sensor you are using, there is slightly mitigation because of the capability to only plug it in cable in order to keep going.
  • Logitech G700s base or bottom is exceptionally larger therefore dirt and grime usually gets stuck on its base and consequently creates tracking problems.

Pros of Logitech G602 In comparison to Logitech G700s

  • Excellent Battery Life and therefore it is best for gamers who need a wireless gaming mouse with no loss of functionality and need for changing batteries every now and then.
  • Comfortable for palm grip users and allow easy hit on buttons.
  • It has great software for profiles and key mapping.
  • Include excellent optical sensor with up to 2500 DPI level however it is also great for those who do not want higher DPI levels.
  • It can be run on single battery for the need of lighter weight. If any user want to cut down on its weight he or she can run it on single battery, however remember it will impact the battery life negatively.

Cons of Logitech G602 In Comparison to Logitech G700s

  • Being a wireless mouse it has some weight of the battery, therefore it could be on the heavier side. It weights around 152 grams because of batteries, that is not that bad however still not suitable for those user who like lighter gaming mouse.
  • Logitech G602 can also be used on single battery to reduce its weight as well as to balance the mouse but it will negatively impact the mouse’s battery life. With 2 batteries mouse can be slightly slipper on right side when picking it ups as pinkie as well as ring fingers do not have as much grip is needed. However balancing weight over towards thumb allow it be more easily gripped up as side buttons allow for decent place for gripping.
  • Logitech G602 doesn’t include any wired USB option it is only wireless gaming mouse.
  • Its side buttons are known to register multiple keystrokes sometimes when pressed once only. With bindings like Ctrl+F3, this automatically results in destruction.
  • Middle button of the mouse wore out after a year or two of intense use and it is very hard to impossible to fix.

Conclusion – Which one is better G700s or G602?

When we get deeper inside the features of Logitech G700s and Logitech G602 for the purpose of comparison, we came to the point that most if not all the users recommended Logitech G700s over Logitech G602. Now you have to realise that both gaming mice offers wireless connectivity and both are recommended for FPS gaming.  So in the end, the main factors to decide which one is better will be same too and in that regards, G700S offers a little more than G602.

Although Logitech 700s is laser mouse whereas G602 is optical and generally optical sensor considered to be superior,, however in this case G700s laser sensor performance was on par atleast, if not better than G9602 optical sensor. Logitech G602 has better battery life but G700s can be used with wired connectivity, which is hot swapable, therefore it minimise this damage. A

So in our comparison, G700s is better than G602.

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