Logitech G9X Programmable Gaming Mouse Review

With the advent of MMOs and RPGs, todays’ games have taken the level of enjoyment to the greatest heights. Of course, many of us did enjoy Mario Bros. but 1-dimensioanl games are no more welcomed having played MMORPGs. Similarly, the gaming equipment has also got to its heights now.

Today’s gaming gears seem as if the gamer is off to the moon, and which is quite true because playing games with such advanced equipment is certainly a highly adrenaline-charged experience. So it is indispensable to have extremely high quality gaming accessories since, along with fun, MMORPG also bring tougher challenges for you as you compete with other gamers online globally. And you simply can’t afford to lag or run out of batteries at any cost or else ‘YOU LOSE!’ will be the echoing and mocking sound in your ears.

Among many accessories, gaming mouse is a make-it or break-it accessory and high DPI makes it a difference maker. As an avid gamer, you know the importance of high DPI and Logitech G9X Programmable Gaming Mouse is a perfect choice for you. Along with high DPI (5700), it has many other features like macro recording, interchangeable grips, on-the-fly DPI switching, customization, multiple profiles settings, custom LED lights and many more.

When it comes to gaming mice, Logitech is a brand that has some earned great reputation among gamers. With its professional gaming models, Logitech keeps innovating and bringing the best when it comes to seamless and professional gaming and Logitech G9X is no exception.

Logitech G9X is one of the best gaming mice having tons of features and is recommended for both casual users and hardcore gamers who want to move it with fingertips or in ‘claw’ grip. Logitech G9X is successor to Logitech G9. It has more features as compared to others. It features 5700 DPI sensor that makes it the most precise mouse out there.


About grips we found split feelings in the reviews and testimonies on World Wide Web. Users who like to move mouse around with fingertips or claw grip will find it right. Lots of people criticize that it’s very small, however, it has less to do with the size of as compared to with grip itself. If you need to move the mouse with whole hand, Microsoft Side Winder suffers from exact opposite review from the users.

As my hands are very large, I feel very comfortable when I hold this mouse in my raised claw grip. There are 2 different grips that are available with the mouse. Most of the users prefer the feel of precision grip, although only few of the users prefer slightly larger size of the wide-load grip.


You will find following buttons on Logitech G9X;

• 2 Main Buttons
• 2 Side Thumb Buttons
• 2 DPI Adjustment Buttons
• 1 Click-Down Scroll Wheel
• 2 Horizontal Scroll Wheel Tilt Buttons

Following ergonomics of grip, buttons on this mouse were built with idea of raised claw grip in mind. In reviews by genuine users, we come to know that Logitech created this mouse for exclusively hardcore gaming users. The buttons are both difficult to push on accident and easy to push for use. You will have a metallic feel on scroll wheel, and find a real fun while playing with it.

With MicroGear Scrolling offered by Logitech, you can easily customize the way how scroll wheel turns and selects between scrolling methods. First is the standard that you are used to, line by line clicky scroll wheel. Fun part about it is changing it over to free-scrolling mode! Wheel has slight resistance, however, when you spin it and then let it go, you will observer spinning for few seconds, which is really useful for looking through long documents.

Sensitivity and Precision

Logitech G9X impressive 5700 DPI is a complete overkill. You will possibly find yourself turning down your game or windows sensitivity when you turn it up. As the resolution and size of the monitor increase, extra DPI becomes handier. After turning sensitivity way down, making 5700 sensitivity level the fastest we could stand, so broadening the speed of mouse that can be used in game. It usually feels a bit better to turn up sensitivity on mouse itself instead of that with software. It really glides better. The increments can be changed that G9X changes sensitivity with and also customizes number of increments.



The software that comes with G9X is more powerful than Logitech’s previous versions. As with all Logitech mice, you can re-assign the thumb buttons, DPI buttons, and horizontal wheel “buttons” (you can push the scroll wheel right or left). If you really wanted to, I suppose you could change what the left and right mouse button do. The software also allows you to change the polling rate – the number of times per second that your computer updates your mouse position.

Software included in the pack is stronger than previous versions on Logitech. As with each Logitech mouse, you are able to re-assign thumb buttons, DPI buttons and the horizontal buttons “wheels” you can push scroll wheel from right to left. When you really need to, you can change whatever is done by right or left mouse button. Software also enables you to change polling rate.

You can also change the color of LED that demonstrates which setting of DPI you are using. LED color change is little bit of marketing gimmick, however, you perhaps don’t like orange color, right? You can do this through the software.


Macros features on Logitech G9X are really well-developed, and work far better than in-game macros feature on other mice that offer similar functions. You can record keystrokes and movements on your mouse to play back any time. Then you can add/remove delays.

Whenever you are busy, whether at home or at work, in same place and in similar order, you can already discover macros. Interface that manipulates macro is very easy to use. If you are looking for a mouse which stores and records macros, this tool is something you need.


We did research long time users of Logitech G9X, and mostly people said that they never used any other mouse. This mouse lasted for long, and free 3-year warranty was never used. Although coating on grips often starts to peel after few months.

Weight Cartridge and MORE Options

Logitech G9X is meant to allow users to customize around each and everything in your mouse. We have talked about the interchangeable grips, button customization, mouse wheel options, DPI customization and adjustment, polling rate customization and much more.

Although this all is quite much, there is more. Logitech G9X’s weight cartridge is easy to swap in an out. You can add up to 28 g of weight and this weight is good enough to move your mouse around.

With all above features and customization, you might worry that you will customize it for a game, just to have change it for another, but don’t worry, Logitech G9X offers enough memory to store all your game profiles, so that you can have setting for all types of games. Even if, for few strange reasons you were to use your mouse on someone else’s PC, profiles will remain saved and ready to play.


  • Extremely durable
  • Longer warranty
  • Well-placed buttons
  • Easy macro recording
  • Weight cartridge
  • Interchangeable grips
  • 5700 DPI laser tracking
  • On-the-fly DPI switching
  • Extreme customization – upto 5 Profiles and custom LED lights


  • High Price
  • Claw grip isn’t for everyone.

Final thoughts

All in all, G9X has extremely great features and it is made for both hardcore gamers, graphic designers and animators. As it is mentioned, this mouse is tailored for serious game players with fingertip grips, while Logitech G500 is designed for “one size fit all” types of mouse. As far as real performance goes, you will not find any better mouse. If you like to buy this or need to check its price, go to this link and see the best price ever before you find ‘not in stock’ message.

Logitech G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips

An expensive gaming mouse suitable for Professional gamers who can't compromise on performance.

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