Mad Catz R.A.T AIR Review – Optical Gaming Mouse with an Attitude

Mad Catz, manufacturer of gaming peripheral is still alive and well (according to them of course) with its dangerous looking R.A.T mice, Freq. Headsets and Strike keyboards. Honestly it sounded like April fool because who would believe that a bankrupt gaming peripheral manufacturer, would suddenly rise from dead. Teaser before CES promised a new mouse and dozen new products planned for CES and they did unveiled R.A.T AIR, a gaming mouse and some new products including a gaming keyboard and a headset.

As declared by long time spokesperson of Mad Catz, Alex Verrey, Mad Catz marked its return in 2018. During the recent CES in Las Vegas they announced the revival of Mad Catz with entire slate of products. Alex said that all the assets of Mad Cats were swept up by Chinese holding company which needed to keep this brand alive and well. Why to trust new owners of Mad Catz? Why they will be the better stewards as compared to new owners of BlackBerry, Nokia and Polaroid? According to Verrey it is because most of them involved have relevant experience and hand in making keyboards, mice, headsets and other product line of Mad Catz.

It seems that this Chinese holding company which is rescuing Mad Catz brand from death is a group of people who worked for factories in China who previously worked for Mat Catz. They seeded an opportunity to keep doing the same they would already been doing in the past, however now they will be working for themselves for good, even better. It isn’t like individuals are only using the name of Mad Catz in order to push out some new or unrelated product lines, says Verrey. He added, “New team understand products as they were the one who made them in first place”.

Now known as Mad Catz Global Limited, it’s beginning by reviving its products which were already in the development phase at Mad Catz prior the shutdown in March 2017 and it is using same factory tooling in order to pump out same parts. They are also bringing R.A.T PRO mouse back.

Out of around dozens of products company unveiled at CES, 3 have caught gamers eye. There is a new gaming mouse R.A.T AIR that can operate wirelessly, thanks to its built in wireless power system in its mouse pad. There is also Strike 4 mechanical keyboard along with RGB lighting and a Freq 4 gaming headset.


Technical Specifications

  • Sensor: Optical (PIXART PMW3389)
  • DPI Levels: 16000
  • Max. acceleration: 50G
  • Max. speed: up to 400 inches/sec
  • Connectivity: Wireless + Wired
  • Programmable Buttons: 10

Other Features:

  • Extreme customisation with R.A.T Flux
  • Wireless Charging Mousepad
  • Omron Switches

Mad Catz R.A.T AIR is standout there. When it is about features, it seems to be roughly at par with R.A.T Pro X, company’s old high end gaming mouse. It offers same 10 customizable buttons, customizable grips and 12000 DPI optical sensor. However instead connecting through USB Cable, it can be connected to mouse pad, that features customizable LED lights, to their PC, that then R.A.T AIR communicates through wireless connectivity. This idea resembles to that wirelessly charging mouse pad by Logitech, launched few months back. Users can also connect wired cable straight when they are away from this mouse pad.

Unlike the Power Play mouse from Logitech, there isn’t any battery inside the hood of R.A.T AIR gaming mouse. You can plug in wired cable when you are away from pad. The downside of this is if you want to use mouse, you have to use it with pad as it won’t work otherwise.

Features of Mad Catz R.A.T AIR

Built to endure, integration engineered. Inherited endurance from existing generation, Mad Catz R.A.T AIR gaming mouse gives not just customized functions settings and ergonomic adjustments, but latest wireless technology for gamers who only like zero lagging or no friction form cable.

No More Need To Battery

With newest capacitor technology, Mad Catz R.A.T AIR activates timelessly with no limitations of battery capacity or side effect waste of heat from batteries anymore.

Dynamics Ergonomics

As gaming enthusiasts are different, so is R.A.T AIR gaming mouse is precision engineered to make its major parts adjustable, to improve and enhance your gaming experience. It includes and adjustable palm rest. Therefore whether you have claw, palm or a fingertip grip, Mat Catz R.A.T AIR rapidly adapt by adjusting its length in order to suit your gaming style.

Tournament Mode of cable connectivity as well as portable convenience for minimizing carrying capacity without any rigid mousemat.

Flux Interface Software – Powerful Software For Customizing Performance

Mad Catz goes beyond in terms of customization. In R.A.T AIR it takes it beyond physical. Despite any gaming genre or gaming style, all aspects of button output, sensor, as well as lighting can be customized order to enhance gaming performance. You can create or adjust;

Create or edit around unlimited profiles for all desktop software and games. Assign intricate macro commands with a timing precision to 1/1000th of second to all programmable controls.

Precision Aim
Decrease or increase sensor’s speed with single press, best for snipers.

Sensor Settings
Lift-Off Distance, Resolution as well as USB Report rate, all can be adjusted to perfection.

Ambient Illumination
Three lighting zones can cast distinctive glow through red powerful LEDs

Precision Engineered For Gaming Performance

It’s built for endurance, using components and materials specified to meet demands. It is constructed around super lightweight chassis to ensure sensor position perfectly balanced for tracking any surface. It also give rigid foundation for rest of control modules. Ultra-reliable OMRON switches with industry leading 20 million clicks life span ensures even highest APM or actions per minute gaming enthusiast will seldom miss any attack.

Bottom Line

As in Verre’s own words, “the new MAD CATZ is focused on quality rather than quantity. But more importantly they will be considering cost as the major factor in their future products as there is a very limited market for expensive gaming peripherals”. R.A.T AIR price is not announced yet and the mouse will be available this summer, however keep in mind that the Mad Catz R.A.T PRO X price started from $200 and it is available for $290 now. Since MAD CATZ also bringing back R.A.T Pro Mice now known as R.A.T Pro X3 with its swappable sensors, swappable ceramic or Teflon feet and analog scrolling wheel, there is chance that the R.A.T AIR will be priced around $150.

All in all, R.A.T AIR is armed with well-known tournament favorite Pixart PMW 3310 5000 DPI optical sensor and is capable to withstand high motion speeds of more than 150inch/second or 3.8 meter/second, and 50G acceleration. This is important to ensure that all fast tracking movements and snap shot reflexes are lag free. Although the mouse offers upto 20 seconds of juice if you lift it off from pad, however the actual performance is yet to be seen. Essentially, it seems like all the companies are now focused on wireless charging mouse pad feature with less to do in the mouse itself.

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