Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse Review

With swaths of many gaming mice out there, it is very difficult to say which way to turn. Some of these gaming mice offers zillions of mouse buttons, on the other hand there are gaming mice that allow you to swap out every single part for completely personalize experience. The company Mionix takes different way with its most recent gaming mouse. Mionix castor shuns fancy mouse weights as well as key tweaking for carefully tuned out of the box gaming experience and created a mouse which is simpler as compared to the others in the category.

In Castor, Mionix focused on quality and craftsmanship to feature a 10,000 DPI optical sensor, clickable scroll wheel, 5 programmable buttons, as well as multicolored LED lighting. About its specs, it is just about in line with the others, if not better than the rest in its category. The manufacturer also lets off the excessive colors and branding, choosing for simple matte black rubberized finish instead. At a very acceptable price point, Mionix Castor is prepped for competing with working man gaming mouse.

If you know about Greek Mythology, Castor was twin of Pollux. Both the brothers supported Jason to reclaim powerful Golden Fleece. Being a gaming mouse, Mionix Castor falls a bit short of the mythological namesake it has.

Although Castor continues the reputation earned by Mionix for designing extremely comfortable mouse, it also falls victim to software which feels behind curve, similar to its predecessors, Naos and Avior. Castor performs very well in game and it is extremely comfortable, however there are many other options that offer much better performance and features and more robust software in this price range.


Technical Specifications

  • Sensor: Optical
  • DPI Levels: 10000
  • Max. acceleration: Not Available
  • Max. speed: up to 215 inches/sec
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Programmable Buttons: 6

Other Features:

  • 128 kB on board memory
  • Adjustable Lift Off Distance
  • 4 layers of rubber coating for maximum grip
  • 16.8 Million color options & multiple effects

Mouse Design

Mionix is popular for sits user friendly designs and has reputation for crafting excellent mouse. Castor lives up company’s lofty pedigree. Mionix Castor is a small size mouse with comparatively high profile. It is ideally suitable for claw-grip user, however it is just big enough to give palm grip users something to work with. For thumb there is a textured spot, although the opposite side of the mouse is smooth. As per the official description, its equally comfortable for all grips i.e. Palm CLaw & fingertips however if you have large hands then the mouse may seems a bit small for you, especially for the palm grip users.

Mouse Buttons

Mionix Caster comes with an acceptable series of 6 buttons

• 1 left click button
• 1 right click button
• 1 clickable scroll wheel
• 2 thumb buttons
• 1 button for DPI adjustment

Each button is programmable, however you will probably need to change only functions of 2 thumb buttons, and both of the thumb buttons are conveniently located and gives supple resistance.

Beside all that, Mionix Caster gaming mouse is black and smooth all around, with illumination on both the palm rest and scroll wheel. It is an attractive gaming mouse that is pleasant to hold in your hand for several hours on end.

Mionix Caster’s Software

Although Mionix Naos and Avior are widely commended for ergonomic design however the software is extremely easy to crash and relatively difficult to fix. Mionix Caster software receives higher marks as compared to Naos and Avior, because it is more robust as well as much easier to navigate. But, it still need few improvements.

Mionix Castor gaming mouse employs a device specific software which controls this gaming mouse and nothing else beside it. Arguably, it isn’t as versatile as compared to gaming mice software such as the SteelSeries Engine 3 or the Razer Synapse 2.0. However considering Mionix produces just one headset and one keyboard, a complex and very detailed system isn’t probably necessary.

The software used by Mionix Caster is functional, if slightly unremarkable. The typos such as “Costum Color” makes it a little sloppy in feel, however it is still fairly simple and easy to get around to customize the options. The users can reprogram all the buttons as well as select from millions of colors for illumination. Backlighting is the most accurate schemes I have come across on a gaming mouse, nailing even indefinable yellow and orange colors. This gaming mouse can also be optimized for your mouse pad and desktop, as well as adjustable DPI from 100 to 10,000 which is such a generous range.

The software’s only biggest design flaw is that you can’t connect 5 possible programmable profiles in games or with other programs. In its place, you will need to manually choose appropriate profile prior to launch title. This thing is minor issue, however considering how simple game-linking is with Razer and Logitech gaming mice, it seems to be a key missing feature.

In initial tests, the software used by Mionix Castor was buggy to point of being impractical. I tried 3 times in order to set up 4 profiles for games taken for tests, each time when I reach the 4th profile, software crashed and it continue to crash every time when I tried adjusting anything. Luckily Mionix has patched several issues. However the software for Mionix Castor is not as robust as compared to its counterparts.

Mouse Weight Customization

Mionix Castor is a gaming mouse that lacks physical weight customization that are offered by Logitech’s G502 Proteus Core that provides you with fine control on mouse heaviness through detachable weights. However it isn’t a deal breaker, it is something you need to consider if you are one of those gamers who need to personalize their gaming mice as much as possible. The mouse weighs at 94g without cable and 140g with cable.

Mionix Castor’s Performance

When I tested this gaming mouse with StarCraft II: Heart Of Swarm, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Titanfall and Batman: Arkham Knight, I found that as soon as I got profiles configured accurately, it worked well for each game. Mionix Castor gaming mosue is much capable across variety of gaming genres, however it worked particularly well with games that did not require many extra buttons like FPS games.

For instance, during our trials, Heart Of the Swarm and Titanfall were the best matches for Mionix Castor’s general design. In Heart of the Swarm, when I ordered Terran soldiers to move around the maps, attacking enemies they encountered across the way, while in Titanfall, these extra buttons were very useful for futuristic melee abilities.

Like the other gaming mice that have very few buttons, Mionix Castor worked fairly well for Old Republic at casual level, however it probably wouldn’t be suitable for high-level gamers who want to access loads of skills in thumb’s reach. MMO or Massively Multiplayer Online diehards much probably look for any mouse that have many extra buttons and more robust gaming software, like Razer Naga Epic Chroma.

Mionix Castor’s Connectivity

As with most if not all the serous gamine mice, Mionix Castor has USB connectivity only. It has a standard 2 meter long cable with braided at outside and flexible PVC at interior. There is also small rubber grommet at the place where it connect at front of mouse. This is to save the cable form wearing at the point of contact with plastic. However it does not impede the movement.

Mouse Warranty

The warranty offered by Mionix Castor depends on where you live in the world. For instance Asian and European users, Mionix offer replacement of defective device for free of cost till 2 years. In USA they only offer 1 year free replacement warranty.


  • Very Fast Response
  • High DPI Adjustment Range
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable design
  • Customization
  • Good In Game Performance


  • Small Gaps in Panel
  • Click latency issue
  • Only 6 Buttons
  • Not Suitable for Users With large hands
  • Scroll wheel is relatively stiff
  • Relatively fewer features compared to its competitors

Bottom Line

This well-equipped gaming Mouse certainly brings in the features as well as configuration choices, however it is ultimately a victim of its own brand tagline, i.e. “it is all about craftsmanship”. As its price is set around $70, it sets higher standard for construction and quality that Mionix Castor does not stand up to. It placed mouse in the same price area that some classic names in gaming mouse industry does, for example Razer DeathAdder Chroma offers similar multi-color lighting setup, same low-adjustable lift-off distance and 10,000 DPI optical sensor at $70. Another gaming mosue Logitech G400 offer lower DPI optical sensor and extra buttons on same price level. Cougar 700M is also priced $70, however it is packed to brim with customization options and features. Mionix is fairly well for quick response games such FPS or RTS to an extent, however MOBA and MMO player should look for something else that matches their gaming seriousness. All this does not make Mionix Castors any less comfortable to hold in your hand. Any user who usually finds him or her with sore hands after a long Lan Party will definitely love the Mionix Castor.

When it comes to the design of gaming mouse, Mionix Caster is a better mouse. Its lighting is great, ergonomics are comfortable and layout of buttons makes lots of sense. Its in game performance is also beyond reproach.

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