Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with 250 Hour Battery Life limited edition

Interface Type: : USB
Gross Weight: : 150g
Hand Orientation: : Right
Power Type: : Battery
Logitech Model: : G602
Number of Rollers: : 1
Type: : 2.4Ghz Wireless
DPI: : 2500
Package: : Yes
Number of Buttons: : 11
Model Number: : G602
Operation Mode: : Laser
Brand Name: : Logitech
Time to market: : Aug-13


No battery!

Because the air parcel does not allow the battery to be carried, the package must be opened and the battery removed.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Logitech-G602-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-with-250-Hour-Battery-Life-limited-edition (1)Logitech-G602-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-with-250-Hour-Battery-Life-limited-edition (2)Logitech-G602-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-with-250-Hour-Battery-Life-limited-edition (3)Logitech-G602-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-with-250-Hour-Battery-Life-limited-edition (4)Logitech-G602-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-with-250-Hour-Battery-Life-limited-edition


Durable battery life

Further power upgrade

Confidence in the game. In performance mode, the G602 can be used to play one game after another, and the power can be maintained for up to 250 hours. It has 10 times the battery life of other wireless gaming mice and delivers consistent gaming-grade sensors and connectivity. The G602 is powered by two standard AA batteries; you can choose to remove weight and balance by removing a battery.

g602-wireless-gaming-mouse (1)

Wireless gaming technology

Get rid of cable troubles

The G602 features a 2.4 GHz wireless connection technology with an ultra-fast response time of 0.002 seconds for a no-delay experience. Unlike the Logitech Unifying receiver, which can connect multiple devices, the G602 uses the entire bandwidth of a dedicated USB plug-and-forget micro-receiver for game-level, low-latency performance. Use the included extension cord to place the plug-and-forget micro-receiver in the right position for optimal reception. A convenient storage slot in the battery compartment can be used to store the plug-and-forget micro-receiver for easy carrying.

g602-wireless-gaming-mouse (2)

11 programmable control keys

Convenient charging
The user can get an extraordinary operating experience with the initial default configuration of the mouse, or set the G602 by himself. Use the “One-Click Trigger” setting to access the operations that usually require multi-level menus, enjoy convenient and quick push-to-talk functions, or temporarily lower the DPI for sniper operation, or use Logitech Game Software (LGS) for 11 programmable buttons. Redistribute game instructions or multi-instruction macros. * Store custom onboard profiles for use on any PC.
g602-wireless-gaming-mouse (3)

DELTA ZERO sensor technology

Save energy without compromising performance

The G602 is our first wireless gaming mouse with a specially designed Delta ZeroTM optimized sensor for a high-precision cursor control experience, while maximizing battery life. Whether traveling across the screen at a fast speed or moving back and forth at a pixel, a sensor with an accuracy of 2500 DPI can respond accurately to any hand movement. This LED illuminating sensor is designed to go beyond simple eye-hand coordination operations, reducing the amount of thinking time required to move a character, adjust a sniper view, click on a unit, or cast a skill.

g602-wireless-gaming-mouse (4)

Switch sensitivity at any time in the game

Instant switching

In any game environment, you can attack correctly. Quickly switch between five different DPI settings with two buttons at your fingertips. Choose from 250 DPI pixel-level precision positioning or up to 2500 DPI for high-speed operation. When the button is pressed, the DPI toggle command allows you to temporarily use the lower sensitivity for the FPS slamming; the button can instantly resume the fast motion mode.

g602-wireless-gaming-mouse (5)

Performance / power saving mode

Accurate power control based on usage

The G602 offers two different modes of operation. Switching to performance mode allows the battery to last for 250 hours without compromising any game-level features. Don’t play games? Then you can switch to the power saving mode, so that the battery life is further extended, up to an incredible 1440 hours. The indicator above the mouse clearly indicates the mode in use: – the blue light indicates the performance mode, the green light indicates the power saving mode, and when it enters the low battery state, it flashes the blue light.

g602-wireless-gaming-mouse (6)

Simple and comfortable design

Not only has a beautiful look

The natural grip design provides great comfort for long-term use, making you stand out in the game and invincible. The DPI toggle control button is located where the index finger is easily accessible. Six well-designed side buttons are easily recognized by touch – making it easy to use. The non-slip grip on the side helps to increase control, even during long game play.

Ultra-durable construction


Intense gameplay makes the traditional mouse seem powerless. The G602 is designed to be extremely durable, with an improved main mechanical microswitch with up to 20 million times of long click life and a PTFE low friction mat that has been tested for an amazing 250 km.

Easy to use setup software

Easy and free

Users can use the Logitech Game Software (LGS) to assign commands to their favorite games based on their preferences. Customize buttons and track profiles for your game with a simple drag and drop. Pre-configured custom instructions can also be used through automatic game detection.


Part No
Black: 910-003155
Warranty information
3-year limited hardware warranty
system requirement
Windows® 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista®
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher
USB powered
Internet connection and 100MB hard drive space (for downloading optional software)
Platform compatibility
Windows® 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista®
Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher
Package Contents
Wireless receiver
Receiver extension cable
User documentation
Technical specifications
Resolution: 250 – 2,500 dpi
Maximum acceleration: >20G*
Maximum speed: up to 2 m / s (80 ips) *
* Some profiles require Logitech game software to be installed and can be downloaded from www.logitech.com/downloads.
USB data format: 16 bit / axis
USB reaction speed: 0.002 seconds
Dynamic friction coefficient – Mu (k): 0.09*
Static friction coefficient – Mu (s): 0.14*
*Based on the test results of wooden desktops.
Button (left/right): can withstand 20 million clicks
PTFE moving distance life: 250 km
Battery life and wireless range
Performance mode: up to 250 hours*
Power saving mode: up to 1440 hours*
Wireless range: 3 m**
* Battery life varies by user and calculation conditions.
**The actual wireless range varies with usage, settings, and environmental conditions.


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