Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse Review

Gaming mouse is one of the rare personal computer peripherals which hardcore game players don’t want to upgrade more often. When your hand has set on a mouse usually you wish to take it to grave. However Razer does not think same, hence every now and then you see a new mouse by Razer with something new for innovation. From Copperhead to Boomslang, Mamba to DeathAdder, company constantly churned out quality for serious gaming. Now there is another addition to Razer Family known as Razer Imperator.

Razer Imperator, is ergonomic mouse for right handed users that also comes with latest 3.5G laser sensor with 5600 DPI support. Usually Razer names are after venomous and deadly snakes, however to break mold this product is named after Roman Emperors; Let’s review Razer Imperator Ergonomic Mouse and its specifications.

  • Right-handed ergonomic mouse
  • Adjustable side buttons
  • 3.5G Laser sensor
  • 6400 dpi precision
  • Up to 200 inch/second/ 50g acceleration & 1000Hz Ultra-polling per 1ms response rate
  • Razer Synapse On-board Memory
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivities adjustment
  • Zero-acoustic Ultra-slick feet

Mouse Features

Razer Imperator comes in painted signature black matte finish color. Palms rest is slightly bulgier as compared regular mice by Razer such as Diamondback and Lachesis. This makes mouse looks relatively chubbier. There is a Razer Logo on Palm rest that gradually pulsates blue color when plugged. Unlike other mice effect is pretty fine and doesn’t distract users. There is an option in the mouse software to turn light off completely. This light also lights up scroll wheel edges.


Ergonomics is an end where Razer pour extra efforts and this is visible. Groove beneath thumb button is accurately sized as well as lined to make thumb positioning a breeze.

What actually differentiates buttons from the buttons of other gaming mice is that they can change position, i.e. middle, back and front. Control for this is beneath mouse. Middle position is most comfortable, however you can choose back or ahead, Razer has covered.

Being critical, thumb groove could be made of slightly grippier material such as rubber rather glossy plastic that tends to slippery.

Below the mouse is slider control for thumb buttons as well as button for profile switching. As Razer Imperator comes with on-board memory it allows you to switch profiles on the fly without need of software installation. This is perfect for LAN gaming. 6400 DPI 4G sensor is right in the center.

Cable is also very tightly braided and of high quality. Non braided wires are easily snapped. However demerit of tightly braided cable is that once it tangled it is hard to straightened up.


Software control is clearly laid out to allow a higher degree of customizability. Software panel is divided into different tabs.

First tab is to change function for any button on mouse including scrolling wheel. Second one allow to adjust mouse performance. One can alter DPI setting, independent sensitivity for x & y axis as well as gaps between various sensitivity steps. This is important as in old Diamondback 3G you could only be able to choose between 800 to 1800DPI that was a big step between both sensitivities. Another interesting thing is polling rate adjustment that you cannot find in most if not all mice software.

3rd Tab is for different profiles. Razer Imperator include on-board memory as well as a switch for changing profiles therefore there no need to depend on software to save settings, your on-board memory will do it. You can also set it to change profile automatically according to whatever game or program you need to run. You can also use hardware button for changing profile manually. Active profile will be notified through on screen display.

4th tab is to create new macros, that can be assigned to any button. Macro creation is very useful because often buttons like ones found beneath scrolling wheel go to waste as there isn’t any way to alter the function. 5th tab allows to turn on/off light effects on palm rest as well as scrolling wheel individually.


To check how good the mouse is I tried it for a few days playing Team Fortress 2 and Crysis 2 and found that it took a couple of hours to adapt, however after that it was extremely comfortable. Mouse with its bulgier palm rest had wonderful feeling. Sniping was responsive and accurate. Its left and right button have appropriate groove and fit to fingers. Its thumb groove and matte finish add to comfort. DPI on the fly switching was also very useful. Just with a single click DPI can swiftly be change from low to high. Whether you are a sniper or a rocketeer, you will find this option very handy.

Its 4G 6400 DPI laser sensor perform excellent job to pick up even slightest movement. With firmware upgrade, it’s the best sensors as compared to other gaming mouse. Lift off distance was unnoticeable. Higher sensitivity users will love it. Everything remains same in desktop mode. Mouse is equally comfortable while browsing as well as working long hours on excel sheet.

Z-Axis issues

When you browse online forums, you will find many users complaining for faulty Z-axis in Razor Imperator. Actually the problem is when you lift mouse vertically upward and place it at same position, cursor move slightly on z-axis. As you move it only vertically, cursor shouldn’t change its position. Delta of this position was large and I think it will be a problem for some hardcore gamers.


Fortunately after firmware upgrade that only take 20 seconds, it minimize problem to an extent where it would not be a problem anymore. Therefore it is an advice for users to update latest firmware in order to avoid any software or hardware issues.

Scrolling Wheel

Scroll wheel has nice distinct feel. Below scroll wheel there are 2 buttons that are programmable to perform all macro function and other functions.


The only thing Razer will always be remembered for is how they package their products. Razer Imperator also comes safely and securely packed in cardboard box. Front is dominated by image of mouse with fittingly, medieval looking theme. Box front can be opened through Velcro. Velcro allow you to check product without tearing anything.

The rear and sides are full of different specs and features in different languages. Anything you need to know, you will get here. It comes with regular goodies including quick start manual, guides, stickers, authenticity certificate, and coaster of everything. Simply Razer went extra miles designing and packaging this. However I was not able to see any drivers CD included.


  • Sleek looking & very comfortable
  • Brilliant dual sensor system with 6400 DPI
  • Adjustable side buttons
  • 7 programmable buttons with great software
  • On board memory
  • Unlimited customizable profiles


  • For right handed users only
  • A very small minority of gamers have experienced random disconnections
  • Some users has found button issues after 1 year of use


Final Thoughts

Razor Imperator is one of the best mouse out there. Razer work excellently to make this mouse ergonomically useful. This mouse is much comfortable for extended hours of use. Extra bulge palm rest makes it the best choice for Palm grip users. Also for claw grip users will also find it comfortable. Movable thumb button gives additional level of customization targeted to ergonomic properties of this mouse. Only downside of this mouse is that it is only targeted to right hand users.

Higher sensitivity users find it more joy to use. 4G laser sensor simply tracks over all types of surfaces, although personally I usually treat best mice with best mouse pads. Software customizations are also above average.


Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

The Razer Imperator is a decent budget gaming mouse with the best sensor technology in market. It's a perfect fit for FPS gaming and with its features like programmable buttons, On the fly DPI switch and on-board memory for custom profiles, it's totally worth the price.

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