Razer Mamba HyperFlux – A Self Charging Wireless Gaming Mouse

Probably you are thinking why and how, of everything announced at CES 2018, I am writing about new arrivals in gaming mouse arena. But this isn’t any gaming mouse, this’s a cutting-edge gaming peripheral by Razer, and will revolutionize the technical prowess and designs.

Razer Mamba HyperFlux is a wireless gaming mouse, however it does not need any battery. Rather, it comes with a charging mat, the Firefly Hyperflux. This combo is expected in earlier months of 2018 and its expected price is USD 249.99.

How Firefly HyperFlux works?

Instead of drawing upon several clunky rechargeable and replicable batteries, Razer’s Firefly HyperFlux technology uses a magnetic field produced by a coil present at the edges of its mouse mat, which directly powers the mouse constantly. Do not confuse it with wireless charging, it is not that same. When you take it off from mouse mat for 10 seconds or more, it will lose all its charge and power off. The Firefly power it directly.

Comparing FireFlux with Its Competitor’s, Logitech PowerPlay!

Unlike Logitech Powerplay and its other rivals, that use their powered mats for charging mouse battery, Razer Mamba Hyperflux has forgone batteries altogether, resulting in extremely lightweight gaming mouse, weighing just 0.2 pounds. So it can be taken as a wireless mouse with a weight of wired mouse. Batteries are comparatively heavy, with both G903 and G703 by Logitech coming with more than 100 grams. Razer Mamba Hyperflux is just 96 grams.

Power play technology by Logitech was my favourite in year 2017. It was wireless gaming mouse with included built in inductive charging mouse mat. This combination actually charged the mouse without wires, it is so much revolutionary, and I expected the competition would not be far behind.

This is both correct and incorrect. Now at CES, Razer announced its new RGB enabled Firefly mousepad, Firefly HyperFlux, along with Razer Mamba gaming mouse. Here the suffix HyperFlux have specific importance, because it is the name given to its Power play version. Although there is a world of difference in methodology.

HyperFlux is empty inside, i.e. no battery and the best thing it don’t even need any to be charged. It’s in charged here!!
Logitech Powerplay technology is just another usual wireless mouse, with battery. G903 or G703 both, Power play compatible, however you can also use or buy them separately, and both ship with wireless dongles, and can be charge by USB as regular wireless mouse, they store charge when you take them off Powerplay mice mat.

Similar to Powerplay, Razer HyperFlux shift power without wires from redesigned Firefly mouse mat for its special gaming mouse version of Razer’s Mamba wireless gaming mouse. The difference is Logitech Powerplay stores power in battery, HyperFlux just powers Mamba directly.

Mat is Available in Hard and Cloth Surface for FPS and MOBA both

Razer Mamba Firefly Hyperflux is 2 sided charging mouse mat, with both cloth side and hard side to offer different comfort options. Cloth side charging help with aiming in FPS games like Overwatch, while hard side is more conducive for fastest movements in DOTA 2 and other MOBA games.

What’s more, if you aren’t able to travel with charging mouse pad, or for any reason you don’t like to use or if you forget it, there is a 9 feet cable included to allow you to use it in wired mode.

Almost Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

Practically speaking, I was completely shocked, by how light Razer Mamba Hyperflux felt, when I took it in my hand. Primarily, it felt much lighter as compared to some wired mice I have used in my entire gaming life. As Razer was not demonstrating it with any specific games, I need to try both sides of Firefly mouse mat, and believe it was extremely easy to change it out. I personally liked the cloth side, however prefer to have extra choices. I really loved the way it hold the tiniest bit of charge before powering off, therefore if you pick up and move it on Firefly mouse mat, you would not disconnect in middle of tense gaming sessions. The only gripe I found was that USB cable which connects mouse pad and mouse to your computer was very tight, which made switching from wireless to wired mode a bit more difficult.

Technical specifications
• It comes with 16,000 DPI 5 G optical sensor.
• The company touts its Adaptive Frequency Technology, which constantly scans 2.5 GHz band in order to find most powerful signal to offer virtually uninterruptable connectivity while you play games like Destiny 2, particularly when you are in the middle of raid in Destiny 2.
• It uses mechanical switches by Razer and include 9 programmable keys.
• Fans of Razer would not be surprised that both Mamba and Firefly support Chroma lighting with 16.8 million of colors.

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