Terms You Will Come Across While Going Though A Rehab Program

When you join an addiction treatment center, you will get to know many new terms in the process. In this post, or as I like to call it, drug classes, we will explore some important terms.

Accept and Modify

It is a maxim of the therapeutic community in the sense that the addict accepts his faults and modifies them. In fact, the moment a patient is pointed out his or her failure, he or she must simply answer, “I accept and modify.”

Street attitude

It consists of having within the therapeutic community attitudes and talks typically of the experience of the street during consumption, as well as of the life linked to it. Sitting on the ground and gesturing in the way that people linked to the addiction fall into this category.

Easy Attitude

It is the act of doing something to avoid doing a task correctly in its entirety. The reason for this is the laziness and characteristic comfort of the addict, which would result in his future life after graduation not carrying out his responsibilities fully.

Adjust and Area adjustment

It consists of putting something in order and in a certain space or area of the therapeutic community. For example, after meals, both the dining room and the kitchen should be “adjusted.”

Area adjustment consists of cleaning and fixing a certain area of the rehab facility.

Intensive adjustment

It is a thorough cleaning that is carried out throughout the rehab facility and also in the rooms of the users in particular. These are generally held once a week.


It is a treatment modality in which the user attends therapies during the day at specific hours but spends the rest of the time with his family in his own house.


It is carried out weekly with all the things during that period, both the work done in therapies and the vision that the users have about their inner world and their actions.


It is a therapeutic community jargon that expresses that the user must deal with various difficult situations, both emotionally and in the daily operating world, in order to strengthen themselves for the real world.

Therapeutic Community

It is a treatment model used for addiction.


It refers to the therapeutic community.

Aggressive Behavior

These are users who, through words or physically, attack other users or members of the clinical team. Incurring this is a breach of one of the cardinal rules of rehab and leads to the expulsion of the patient.


These are the indications that the clinical team gives each week to the various users. They are both individual and group in general.

Sleeping After Hours

In a rehab facility, sleep times are regulated so that they are limited to the night from 10 at night to 6:30 in the morning during the week and from 12 midnight to 8 in the morning on weekends. Additionally, one hour is allowed after lunch to lie down.

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