The Available Minecraft Editions and Why the Game is Unique

Do you know that Minecraft is one of the most popular and successful video games in the world today? This is evident through the high number of registered users who currently stand at over 100 million. Perhaps you’re one of these gamers who is already familiar with the game. If not, you should download the game and join the list.

However, before you decide to download Minecraft, you should first know about the various editions that are available to you and the platforms on which they are supported. You should also understand why Minecraft might be different from the other games that you’re used to downloading.  

Minecraft Editions and Supported Devices

Minecraft download provides you with an opportunity to acquire a digital version of the game. Currently, there are more than ten downloadable versions of the game listed on the company’s websites.

The Minecraft: Java or PC Edition is the most expensive of the available versions. It’s supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. Gamers with this version enjoy benefits such as more features and third-party resources.

Minecraft for Windows 10, also known as the Bedrock Edition, is the second most expensive version. It’s supported by computers running on Windows 10 only. Some of the advantages associated with this version include better performance and improved graphics.

Minecraft is one of the few video games available in the market with a version designed specifically for mobile devices. The Minecraft Pocket Edition, supported by Apple, Android, and Windows phones, is one of the friendliest version since one can play the game while on the move.

Minecraft understands that not everybody plays video games on PC or mobile devices. That is why there are several versions designed for use with gaming consoles. There is Minecraft for Xbox One and Xbox 360, Minecraft for PlayStation Vita, PS3, and PS4, and Minecraft for Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS.

Other editions include Minecraft Education Edition, which is compatible with Mac and Windows 10 computers, China Version, which is supported by Apple, Windows, and Android devices, and Minecraft P1 Edition, which is supported by Raspberry P1.

Why Minecraft is Different from Most Video Games   

Most video games require you to download the game, go through with the setup, and you’re ready to start playing. However, that is not the case with Minecraft. Downloading, installing, and launching the game does not give you the required access.

Instead, once you have launched the game, you’re required to create an account where you give your details. You then obtain login credentials, which allow you to play the game. Thus, Minecraft differs from most video games, which require you to register an account before rather than after downloading.     

The Takeaway  

Minecraft download gives you access to more than ten digital versions of the game. The numerous Minecraft editions are designed to work with PC, mobile devices, and consoles. Minecraft differs from most video games in the market since it requires the user to register an account after they have downloaded and launched the game for them to gain access.    

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