The Most Popular Video Games Among College Students

The gaming industry rises yearly, especially in the past decade. Companies involved with creating games tend to improve their projects and develop new products that mainly target the young generation. Here are some of the best video games that are popular among college students by experts from college assignment help.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It is an action game and has a lot of features associated with the action wild. The game has sold millions of its copies from the day it got released. It provides the players with a vast world of gameplay and also incorporates graphics of great details. It also has an extended storyline backed up with versatile gameplay, which makes it possible for all the players to go back to today’s original world at any given time.

Battlefield 1

The game is primarily a shooter in the first person. It has a suiting storyline that brings its players to the atmosphere of World War One. It also has a unique MoD for multiplayer, which incorporates teamwork and boosts communication among players for the sessions they play in.

Dragon Age: Origins

The game is a dark fantasy type of playing me, and therefore it is an RPG that gives the users the chance to develop their storyline and select what kind of fate they want to proceed with. It doesn’t have the option of multiplayer, but it keeps players passionate on their grounds of discovering the game’s content because it seems endless.

League of Legends

The genre and features of the game include a third-person online multiplayer with the battle arena. The game is highly competitive, and since it is an online game and supports multiplayer option, it can get played by millions of other people every day from any point in the world. The average gameplay lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, and the players can begin the game afresh after completing any session.

Grand Theft Auto V

The game is an open wild and also parks adventure and action. The location of the game gets set in San Andreas. It does not support multiplayer, and therefore it is single-player. It revolves around a story on three criminals and the repercussions of their actions as they fall under pressure from an agency. Users can choose from playing first person or that person, and they can navigate the world using motorbikes, cars, by foot, or any other vehicle. The players are there to control all the three personalities Anna can switch between them in the middle of their missions. Most of the tasks are shooting gameplay and bless able to steal other people’s vehicles while on the mission.

Fortnite Battle Royale

It is a survival game and also free to play. The game has seen massive success by gaining at least more than 100,000,000 users within a year. The developers break in hundreds of millions of dollars every month, and it is now a significant phenomenon in the business of gaming. Players can fight by themselves or get in a squad consisting of three people, and the last standing player or the last standing team that is alive becomes the winner at the end of the game.

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