UtechSmart Venus Laser Gaming Mouse Review

After long use of Razer Naga Gaming mouse offering 12 thumb buttons on left side. I decided to spend another eighty, ninety bucks to buy an extra Razer Naga mouse for my Laptop. So I went to Amazon.com and saw Utech Smart Venus for less than $40. It really thrilled me because it also had 12 thumb buttons, so I decided to save forty bucks and bought this mouse. Although there was another options including Redragon M901 Perdition but I went with Utech Smart.

Mouse is best for its price with customizable lights that breathe, anit skid rubberized surface, tremendous DPI setting range as well as customization level, sheathed cable, well thought out software, and bullet shape weights.

The packaged was good and reusable so I saved it for few days, in case I need to refund it. But after few days of use I decided not refund it and I am sharing my satisfactory experience in this review.

The package included Mouse
Circular weight carrier
Driver software Disk
Instruction sheet

Mouse Features

1. ADNS-9800A Highly precision sensor provided by Avago also offers matchless stability and responsiveness
2. 125 to 1000Hz polling rate that allow smoother as well as more accurate movements
3. 19 completely customizable buttons
4. Adjustable DPI buttons (1000-16400)
5. Anti-Skid rubberized texture
6. 6 feet braided fiber cable
7. Gold-plated USB plug
8. Adjustable brightness levels and breathing speeds
9. 16 Million LEDs color choices with adjustable shading
10. Adjustable pointer speed, Acceleration, Scrolling Speeds and Double Click Speed
11. 5 profile to load and save DPI, lighting, Polling, and the like
12. Adjustable 8 weights, 8 weights, 2.4g each and 19.2g in total

It has a black rubberized non slippery texture. Mouse is contoured to fit in your hands with concave fingers notches, just like all other mice out there.


Mouse is fairly big as compared to many gaming mice, however not bad to fit in most average size hand. Unlike other smaller sized mice that become tiresome or painful after longer use this mouse is pretty better.

Mouse Buttons

  • Despite typical combination of 2 button and scrolling wheel, UTech Smart Venus has 3 more buttons on top.
  • 2 arrow buttons to quickly change DPI setting with 4 LED’s as DPI indicator to give you 5 DPI presets along with all LED off.
  • A button on left of index finger button is programmable. This is similar to Razer Naga, except there are 2 buttons next to index finger button in Razer Naga.
  • 12 thumb buttons that are the most important part in any gaming mouse. When you use programmable controller button on left, it frees you from keyboard. These 12 buttons enable user to activate more functions. All 12 thumb buttons are easily reachable.
  • At bottom Utech Smart Venus has an infrared laser port, button to change profile, 2 large sliding pads and rotating door to adjust weights.

Adjustable Weights

It comes with 8 pre-installed weights (each 2.4 gram), however with all 8 weights, mouse is pretty light. A thumb rest is also there under buttons that give more symmetry and balanced aesthetics to mouse.

Color Choices

It is available in black, champagne gold and sword silver color.


The software manual is very well written in understandable language. Software will never crashed out. Opening software for configuration, takes you to General tab which allows changing acceleration, button mapping, scrolling speed, pointer speed and double click speed. It also allow changing polling rate to 125, 250, 500, or 1000 Hz. For gaming competitions, you will need to pull as fast as possible, however for mobile computing on battery, you will need to set it at something low. General Tab allow remapping any 18 button on your mouse.

General Tab also enable you to set up 5 profiles. That seems sort of limiting, considering most of the game players can play lots of different games. However fortunately, configuration software enable you to load and save profiles.


UtechSmart Venus has laser sensor which is sensitive up to 16400 DPI, i.e. 3 times higher than other gaming mice. Usually, gaming mice are sensitive up to 5000 DPI. You can set 5 DPI from DPI tab in configuration software and change them by 2 arrow buttons. By default, 5 settings are set to 1000, 2000, 4000, 8200, and 16400 DPI. Users can change x and y axis individually as well as link them together.


It has colorful light display for any color of your choice.

You can also change brightness through software, turn off the light, change blink rate which is called breathing speed.

Macro Manager
The Macro Manager (see screen shot below) seems straightforward. You can create new macro names and record various key presses to the macro. It seems to be able to program any kind of macro that I would every need.

Macro Manager is straight forward, and allow you to create new macro names as well as record key presses. You can program any type of macro you need.



  • Best DPI that can be adjusted to suit to both gaming and every day needs.
  • Clicks easily
  • Many adjustable features to allow you to have your preferences.


  • Grip on skidding wheel is really textures which isn’t user-friendly and tiresome to your fingers.

UtechSmart Venus Laser Gaming Mouse

Although a relatively unknown brand, UtechSmart Venus Laser Gaming Mouse is built with gamers in mind. It has been featured on IGN as the best MMO gaming mouse. With 18 programmable buttons, 16400 DPI, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling and Omron micro switches, it is the best you can get.

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