Ways to Reduce Points in a Game of Rummy

One of the popular card games of India is Indian rummy card game. The beauty of this game is that it is easy to grasp. The rules are simple for anyone to understand. Yet, winning these card games requires some experience. This is among those rare card games where having points is detrimental to winning. That is why you need to make constant efforts to reduce the total points in the hand. Here we have listed out a few tactics that will help you effectively reduce the points in the hand. Read along and become an ultimate rummy player:

Keep the Cards to be Disposed to One Side of the Hand

This may seem like a silly tip to most people but it is extremely helpful. When you place all cards that are to be disposed at one end, your chances of planning the remaining cards properly are also high. You do not have to waste time during your turn locating the cards that are to be disposed. Arranging cards in this manner will also help you track the points in your hands constantly and be alert about your need to reduce points.

Do Not Hold onto High Point Cards that are not Part of a Sequence

High point cards are cards that have value greater than five. Apart from picture cards, the number cards 6,7,8,9 and 10 of each sign are also counted as high point cards. Since the player having highest points in Indian Rummy Card Game is a loser, the player should consistently strive to reduce points in the hand. This can be done only if you get rid of high point cards in each chance. You need to get rid of cards that are not part of sequences or sets. Incomplete sets and sequences made from high point and picture cards could cause a huge loss if the opponent wins. After completing the life in rummy games, the good players focusing on reducing points in their hand by disposing high point cards.

Make the Best Possible Use of Jokers

There are three types of jokers in rummy card games. The first type is the joker cards that exist in each deck. The second category is the blank cards that are present in each deck that some people use in place of jokers in rummy games. Apart from these, the third category is pulled out jokers. These are random cards pulled out from the deck by the player next to the dealer to represent the joker. If the player pulls out a 2 of hearts then, all the twos are regarded as pulled out jokers. The beauty of pulled out jokers is that they can also be used for their actual value to complete pure sequences. For example, a 2 of hearts maybe used to complete a sequence of 2,3,4 of hearts. However, if you make such sequences, make sure to make the optimum use of jokers and use the first chance to replace the joker with other card so that jokers maybe used elsewhere.

Keep Rearranging the Cards in the Hand

One big drawback for a rummy player would be sticking to one arrangement of cards. A rummy player should have a keen eye and should continually rearrange the cards so that points are reduced and sequences are formed.

As you pick cards, see how they can help to discard high point cards. Also see whether there are ways to make better use of jokers in the hand. Rearranging cards frequently will help you win the game sooner than you expect.

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