What are the Symptoms and Consequences of Gaming Addiction?

Video game addiction is a condition that often has roots in a person’s psyche. Just like with any other addiction, video game usage is often a substitute for real-life interaction with real people. Addicted players instead choose to exist in the fake world presented by the video game where a person can be faster, stronger, more talented, or in the case of online video games, more well-liked by his or her peers. Oftentimes, people carry their online video game existence even farther and develop relationships with other players that begin to supersede ones in their real life. As the addiction grows, the gaming addict can start losing the use of social skills in real-life situations and will actually need to undergo gaming addiction treatment for sustainable recovery of addiction.

Those folks most likely to develop an addiction often suffer from significant self-esteem problems and are searching for a substance or an object that they can fixate on to help create an alternate reality where the rules and images of the current reality don’t exist. Video games, just like any addictive drug or behavior, accomplish this goal perfectly. As technology has improved, realistic gameplay has become commonplace, and online gaming has become widely accepted.  Video games are even easier to disappear into than ever before. Many people believe that teenagers who find their gangly reality to be uncomfortable are the most likely to develop a video game addiction, but this condition is just as likely, if not more likely, to appear in maladjusted adults who find it difficult to make friends, forge healthy relationships, and develop healthy love interests. What can start as a simple hobby or exploration into an exciting new world can soon develop into an unhealthy obsession that completely envelops someone’s life. This condition has received a huge amount of mainstream attention over the last few years due to the complexity and likelihood of addiction in many of today’s top video games.

A person can descend down the slippery slope of video game addiction very quickly. Oftentimes, the person who is the most likely to develop a video game addiction is a person who is new to video games and wants to try them out for the first time due to the fact that real-world interactions have become too painful or too awkward. A person will almost immediately sequester themselves from society and completely obsess about the game they are playing entirely.

As was stated above, many people don’t give the same kind of credence to the consequences of video game addiction since it is missing an illegal component, but addiction to something like video games can completely destroy a person’s life if not treated properly. If work, relationships, and all other important aspects of life are ignored in favor of game playing, life begins to deteriorate at a rapid rate. Depending on how responsive a person is to the requests from loved ones to get help, an addiction like this can last until the means of accessing the addiction are no longer present.

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