What to Look in Gaming Mouse Settings for Fortnite

Gaming has a whole new definition these days. Gone are the days when games were meant to kids only. There are people who are spending like crazy to satisfy their craving for gaming. But getting high end peripherals doesn’t make you Esport champ. You got to learn and modify those high end gaming peripherals as per your need.

One of the most loved gaming peripherals is gaming mouse. Gaming mice are different from office mice or regular mice. Gaming mouse comes with DPI settings, a high grade optical sensor and a lot of buttons that helps you in defeating your enemy on the battlefield. If you are a Fortnite player, you know how gaming mouse can affect your gameplay.

Other than Fortnite, there are FPS games like PUBG, COD, CS:GO, Battlefield V, Apex Legends and what not that ask for precision and precision comes from your gaming mouse. If you are looking for a gaming mouse for Fortnite or any other FPS games, don’t miss this buying guide and list of the best gaming mouse for fortnite by X2 https://x2.games/best-gaming-mouse-for-fortnite/. There you will find some of the best gaming mice that you can use to play Fortnite and other FPS games.

Talking about the performance, the performance of your gaming mouse depends on DP settingsI. Let’s quickly talk about DPI.

What is DPI in Gaming Mouse?

DPI stands for Dot Per Inch. DPI in a gaming mouse varies from 400-20000 level. DPI of the gaming mouse shows the sensitivity of the mouse. When DPI is set to 4000, for example, that means, it will cover 4000 Dots per inch. Gaming peripherals manufacturers like Logitech, Razer, Corsair, HyperX etc. are marketing their gaming mouse line up that comes with 20000 or 18000 DPI. This is just a marketing gimmick as no one uses their mouse at 20000 DPI. For the sake of competition, these brands are marketing the big numbers. That doesn’t mean a 20000DPI mouse is not good, they are the best in class and you can use them at 1000 DPI or even 20000 DPI level, as per your need.

But you simply cannot use a 20000 DPI mouse for gaming. A slight movement of the gaming mouse will turn your crosshair or mouse pointer upside down. For Fortnite and other FPS games, the DPI can vary from 1000 to 4000 DPI.

Everyone has their own way and control over the mouse, so you have to adjust DPI as per your need. Start from 1000 DPI and use the mouse, if you feel less movement, increase the DPI of your mouse as per your requirement. 

How to Adjust DPI of Gaming Mouse?

A minor change in DPI level can improve your gameplay to a great level. If you just got a gaming mouse, you might be getting uncomfortable with your new gaming mouse but once you tweak the setting, you will feel better control over the mouse movements.

Adjusting DPI is no rocket science. You just need to go into the settings of your gaming mouse and you will find everything there. Almost every brand has its own software for customising the peripherals. Like Razer has Synapse, Logitech has G Hub, Corsair has iCue, HyperX has Ngenuity and whatsoever. 

Like, if you are using Razer’s gaming mouse, simply open up the Synapse software and there you will see a couple of options to customise your mouse. Here you will see RGB, Polling Rate, DPI, Scroll Wheel option, Programmable buttons etc. 

On selecting the DPI settings, you can simply adjust the DPI and you can also assign DPI level adjustments to dedicated DPI buttons on the mouse. Set the DPI level to 1000 and then gradually increase or decrease it as per your convenience.

Along with DPI, also check Polling Rate. The Polling Rate should be set to 1000hz which means your gaming mouse gives its position to PC 1000 times in a second. More is better. The Maximum level of polling rate in high end gaming mice is 1000hz. You can change it to 125hz, 250hz, 500hz and 1000hz. For Fortnite and other FPS games, 1000hz is a great number for a power pack gameplay.

Gaming Mouse Setting for Fortnite: Wrap Up

There we are with all the technical settings we need to tweak for the best fortnite gameplay. You should always modify the DPI and Polling Rate settings when you buy a new gaming mouse for you. With these simple modifications, you will be able to improve your all over gameplay whether it is Fortnite or any other FPS game for that matter. 

Which gaming mouse are you using? Do let us know in the comments below.

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