Why It’s Important To Clean Your Bike’s Engine

Motorcycle owners tend to have a special relationship with their bikes, often caring more about it than car owners. Many bike owners tend to their motorcycle’s every need by themselves, becoming amateur mechanics and going through pains to keep their ride spotless and shiny. One thing that many new riders may overlook is their engine. Cleaning your bike’s engine is very important, for more than aesthetic purposes.

Do It Right, Or Don’t Do It At All

There is no point in cleaning your motorcycle’s engine if you’re going to damage your bike in the process. So make sure you research how to clean motorcycle engine parts thoroughly, as it will help protect your bike from any unwanted damages you may cause. It is not a complicated process, but attention to detail is a must. 

Reasons To Clean Your Bike’s Engine

One of the most popular reasons to clean your engine is the aesthetics – especially if you are planning on showing your bike to a buyer or other interested people. For example, cleaning the engine can greatly improve photos of your bike.

Besides the aesthetics, a clean engine runs much better than a dirty one. Firstly, dust and other dirt can cause your engine to lose some of its efficiency. Of course, that puts a strain on  your engine, reducing its expected lifespan, and it also increases your energy costs. Additionally, it is easier to diagnose problems when your engine is clean. For example, you can see an oil or water leak better if the engine is clean, which can help you repair any malfunctions in your engine sooner.

Finally, cleaning your engine gives you time to thoroughly inspect (visually) every part of your motorcycle. Of course, regular inspection can help you find any malfunctions before the problem grows into a serious one.

Beware Of Substandard Grease Cleaners And DIY Cleaners

Many people use a grease cleaner to keep their motorcycle engine nice and clean. If you do decide to use a grease cleaner, be sure to follow the instructions precisely. Some types may need to be rinsed out quickly, and some types might damage your paint job. 

The best option for cleaning the engine is regular dish soap and water, but it may require a lot of effort – so don’t be afraid of a little elbow grease. Even if you opt to use regular dish soap and water, make sure you are using a non abrasive pad or sponge, to avoid minor scratches on the surfaces of your engine. These scratches won’t have a major impact on your engine, but they aren’t very aesthetically pleasing – which is one of the objectives of cleaning your engine in the first place.

Most bikers choose to clean their engine at one point or the other. It is a great way to inspect their bike thoroughly, and ensure it is in perfect working condition. Of course, the visual aspect is a major added benefit that cannot be ignored. So, get to scrubbing down and polishing your bike’s engine, you won’t regret it.

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