Winterize Your Inflatable Hot Tub Easily With This One Simple Device

Inflatable hot tubs have become increasingly popular nowadays, due to their relative convenience and functional design. Setting them up is extremely simple, and does not require hiring a construction crew. In fact, without factoring in the time needed to heat up the water and fill the tub, installing the hot tub can be done within an hour. The heating system may take the longest time (up to 24 hours to reach your desired temperature), but it is the same time that a traditional hot tub takes to heat up.

Winter Is The Only Drawback Of Portable Hot Tubs

The problem with portable spas is extreme lows in temperature. If you ask any owner of an inflatable hot tub winter is the time of the year they need to take extra precautions to avoid sky-high energy bills – or worse, a cold hot tub. This is generally because the heating system is designed to work at temperatures above -40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the manufacturer’s recommendations. Of course, even before reaching such extreme lows, the heating system will require more energy to heat up the tub. Thus, even staying within the recommended temperatures creates a challenge for spa owners.

The One Device That Will Allow You To Winterize Any Hot Tub Easily

You may read tutorials online on how you can winterize your hot tub by insulating the various components of the system. These are precautionary measures that may help you to some extent, but they may be considered a little difficult and are potentially dangerous. Some manufacturers may even consider it grounds to void your warranty. 

A better solution is to do without the heating system that the manufacturer has provided. Use an external source of heat that can handle the pressure of freezing cold winters efficiently. A portable butane hot tub heater is just that – a device that is capable of heating any hot tub easily; while being capable of withstanding the extreme low temperatures of winter. It runs on butane, and there are several models that run on other fuels. This might not be the most eco-friendly solution you imagined, but if you compare it to the environmental impact of running the built-in heating system – you’ll realize the better option for the planet (and your wallet).

Of course, if you’re uncomfortable using combustible fuels, there is still another option. You can find portable hot tub heaters that run on electricity. These are relatively safer, but they won’t heat up the water as efficiently. If you opt for a portable electric hot tub heater, it’s best to run it in conjunction with the built-in heating system of your spa. Although this may feel wasteful at first, you should soon come to realize that both heaters will work together to create a more efficient system. 

Winterizing your hot tub does not need to be complicated at all. Save yourself the trouble of adding extra layers of insulation and voiding your warranty, and get a portable hot tub heater. You’ll soon find that you have no issues running your hot tub no matter how cold the weather gets.

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