Wired or Wireless Gaming Mouse, Which One is Better?

It is a great matter to determine which mouse is better for gaming, the one with wire or the other, the wireless mouse. So in this article we will be putting our insights about this statement giving solid arguments for and against it. Let’s dig into some prominent aspects the two options have. We will analyze both types in detail. Don’t forget to share the post with your online audience of gamers. Use it as an info guide for your Twitter thread about the best gaming mouses. Buy some Twitter followers to boost the engagement your thread gets to reach out to more people.

How connectivity goes?

Before discussing the details about the wireless and the wired mouse, we will elaborate on the 3 3 connectivity methods.

  1. Bluetooth.
  2. USB port.
  3. PS/2.

The first way is wireless. Bluetooth enables the device to connect to the host system within short ranges. Almost all devices, laptops, computers, and smartphones have the Bluetooth connection feature. This mild range facility allows the devices to connect, but if a particular distance is not maintained between the device and the host the connection can be lost.

The other two are the wired options. The first one, the USB port, is familiar to everyone. And we can say it’s the quite old one too; second, is the PS/2 connection mode. All modern devices have this feature. They have setups in the motherboards of the computer.

Wireless mouse

Wireless mouse releases you from the problem of tangled wires around you. Wireless mouse technology is the more advanced one and it holds great potential to make your gaming experience more modern. Because it is an advanced technology, it is more expensive than the wired or cable mouse. It gives you more flexibility. And you can enjoy your game sitting on a couch.

Talking about the performance and how it works, wireless mouse mostly does not provide the fastest reflex action. If we make a comparison between the wired and the wireless, the wireless mouse sometimes becomes a bit slow. If you are a professional gamer, and you want to catch every single aspect of the game, then this might be a problem for you.


  • It sets you free from cable clutter.
  • It allows fully flexible movements.
  • It looks more modern.


  • It might cause input lags sometimes.
  • Wireless mouses are more pricey.
  • It runs on battery, and it could run out anytime.

Wired mouse

The mouse with wires or giving wired connection is used by most gamers. There are many reasons behind its popularity among them. It provides very good connectivity, and reflexes the wired mouse displays are quite remarkable. There is only one issue faced by the users. And it is the cable of the mouse.

Because you might get frustrated in untangling the cable, or if it is too long, it might make your table messy. Unlike in the case of a wireless mouse, where you do not suffer from any battery issues. However, you are not supposed to charge your device before playing the game. Simply attach the device to your PC, and you are good to go.

The other factor is its price range. It is fully accessible for everybody and available at very cheap prices. You do not need to spend a handful on the device.


  • The wired mouse gives an incredible flex rate and is more responsive.
  • It is cheaper. Everyone can easily afford one.
  • The connection is fully stable and maintained till the end, with no battery issues.


  • The long wire can create a mess because it gets tangled.

Possible benefits from both devices and a comparison

Think about it, what’s worse? You are having a very important gaming session in the next hours and you forgot to charge your wireless mouse and you lost your charger in the meantime. Or you are just ending your gaming session and getting killed by the opponent in finals because your mouse is out of battery? These are some problems that a wireless mouse can cause. 

However, on the other hand, the wired mouse does not cause any problem like this. In addition, having a wireless mouse, you can sit anywhere freely. But with the wired mouse, you are supposed to sit right in front of your PC.

Summing it up

Summing it up, we say that it completely depends on personal preferences. Although the benefits are more in favor of a wired gaming mouse, one can select any of whatever suits them better. But we recommend the wired mouse over the wireless one.

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