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Right gaming mouse makes real difference between winning and losing a game. Gamers that are serious about their peripherals search for comfortable ergonomics, top-notch performance and features that maximize their gaming experiences including gaming, losing and winning. The best gaming mice come in all sizes, shapes, weights, grips, and with other factors that will come down to users’ personal preferences.

Some mice are particularly designed for MOBAs or FPS gaming, on the other hand some of the mouse just try to hit a middle ground. In order to accurately evaluate every mouse in our review roundup, we used each one in different gaming experiences such as Heroes of the Storm, Counter-Strike – Global Offensive and other similar games. By installing appropriate software as well as tinkering them with programmable buttons to apply in-game test we have reviewed most if now all gaming mouse in our review series. To keep you update we keep adding newer technologies, mice reviews, tech and gadget news and also up and coming games to set a proper match with gaming mouse. We have critique our gaming mice in following aspects

Overall Performance

  • Accuracy
  • Buttons
  • Sensitivity and Precisions
  • Software and Macros
  • Wireless and Wired Mode
  • DPI
  • Bugs
  • Setup Time and On The Fly Switching
  • Customization
  • Acceleration
  • Tracking Speed
  • Polling Rate
  • Jittering and Anti-Jittering
  • Prediction


  • Grips
  • Weight
  • Buttons Placements


  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Durability
  • Appearance

Different brands of gaming mouse including Logitech, Razer, Windows, Mad Catz, and others offer different gaming mouse with new game releases and concepts every day. As a choice of a gamer is bittersweet problem of plenty, it is necessary to check a wide range before buying one, which is not very easy, so we have done that homework for you so that you can easily decide what gaming mouse will be your perfect gaming partner.


We surveyed 100s of user feed backs, reviews, testimonials and other tech review sites (including PC AdvisorPC Gamer, PC Mag, PC World, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide) and we came to know different gaming preferences and habits. We picked different price categories in order to create a list of gaming mouse for all types of budgets.

There are Different Mice for Different Gaming Purposes, and there are different gaming genres including RTS or Real Time Strategy, MMO or Massively Multiplayer Online, FPS or First Person Shooter and RPG or Role Playing Games.

Most of the users like 1 or 2 or all of these genres. Some of them are so much crazy that they want every single games that come to the market. For each game genres there is a mouse that is particularly created for that category, for instance, Logitech G502 is best for playing MMOGs and on the other hand there is a mouse by Logitech that serve all gaming genres.

Then there are 3 different types of mice grips, that include palm, claw and finger grips. In palm grip your entire hand rest on the mouse. In claw grip things are just like palm grip but your index and middle finger will be arched backwards to make it easier to make perpendicular angle for quick and easy clicking. In fingertip grip only your thumb and first 2 fingers will be touching the mouse.

Without any doubt it can be said the gaming mouse is just a necessity, no matter you need to complete your system, or you want one just to have one, there is a gaming mouse out there for you.

However never think that if you hold a gaming mouse you will immediately become a champion in any game. Many gamers who participate in professional competitions uses simple gaming mouse that are provided to them. So remember;

To be a gaming winner everywhere never  depend  on  Your  hardware

But this doesn’t means that buying or playing with a gaming mouse is just a gimmicks. Even organizers of gaming competition provide you a perfect gaming mouse, however that may be not the one that you own at the comfort of your home. Customization of macros, DPI, programmable buttons and alike features are the evidence of necessity of today’s gaming life.


Find out difference between Gaming Mouse and a Regular Mouse. Our guides are the best resources on the web to help you understand the in & outs of a gaming mouse.


Find out the best gaming mouse for your needs with WhatGamingMouse.com detailed and updated gaming mice reviews. Find out the pros and cons of each mouse and select the best gaming mouse suitable for your gaming needs.

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